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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Robot Replicas Barricade

Name: Barricade
Alligeance: Decepticon
Function: Interrogator (he is a better one compared to Laserbeak)
Alternate mode: Saleen S281 Mustang police car

"To punish and enslave..."-- Barricade has a sick sense of humor.

"Same here. No witnesses. Well, none living anyway."--Barricade is a bad cop. Movie prequel #4.

Argh. The robot replica versions of the toys try to renew the concept of Action Masters. Predictably, they didn't do very well. However, they have 12 action points, making them the ones that are most poseable.

Barricade is among the first batch of Action Masters, (it sounds cooler, and G1 esque. Case closed) along with Megatron and Bumblebee. Later releases include Prime, Frenzy and Jazz. The Action Masters come with an additional accessory that can be used to replace a limb. Unfortunately, there is nothing on the package that tells us that it's supposed to be like that. Therefore, it took me several days to realize that the hands can actually detach. Heh.

Action Master Barricade looks exactly how Barricade looked on the silver screen, unlike the deluxe class toy, who had a chest too large and ugly hands. However, it is a Transformer that doesn't transform. Guess how I'll react towards that? At least the bloody Real Gears actually transform.

As with all my reviews, history time. Barricade appears in Generation 1 among the final batch of toys, as the formula 1 racecar Micromaster. Barricade is the leader of the Race Track patrol. (Blackjack is the leader of the Sports Car Patrol. Don't get us mixed up.) Barricade appears again in Energon, as the central body part of the combiner Bruticus Maximus. The third is the movie one. So, next to Blackout, Barricade is the only Movie Transformer not significant in his earlier career.

Since this is a Transformer that can't transform, I won't bother with robot mode and alternate mode sections.

Barricade is molded exactly like his Movie counterpart. Detailing is extensively done, with impressive colouring. Black is the primary colour, backed up with silver. Hints of red can also be seen. Unfortunately the joints are made of purple plastic and detracts from the overall view.

You can replace his hand with the included attachment, a spinning chainsaw-style weapon. One of the more creative weaponry of the Transformer universe, I
must say.

Barricade is well proportioned, with realistic poseability. His role in the film is being one of the main Decepticons (although that's not saying much) getting merchandized more than Starscream. In the movie, Barricade picked up Frenzy from Air Force One. After a brief conversation with his partner in crime, the bad cop went to interrogate LadiesMan217. He snuck up on Sam and interrogated him (in standard Decepticon manner) at a parking lot. He chased Sam, who ran into Mikaela, and the humans escape via Bumblebee. After some cool road stunts, Barricade rumbles with Bumblebee while Frenzy... rips off Sam's pants. Predictably, the good guys won the battle. Later, Starscream calls the Decepticons to arms. Barricade was the first to answer Starscream's call. He later participated in the road chase along Bonecrusher and 'Bravastator'. While Bonecrusher rumbled with Prime and Devastator found his way to Mission City, Barricade's final fate was unconfirmed. Actually, he was supposed to be killed by Prime after he kills Bonecrusher, and this is true in the comic and novel adaptation. But Bay cut the scene out due to liking Barricade, leaving the cop to reappear in TF2. In 'Reign of Starscream' Barricade was knocked out by Ironhide, making him miss the battle. What an explanation.

Contrary to popular belief, Barricade doesn't eat donuts.

Anyway, back to the review. Robot Replicas Barricade is not too great, but if you want poseable transformers or battle replicas, I have one thing to say to you: Buy the deluxe version, dammit.

Marks out of ten for the following:

DURABILITY 8/10 Nowhere that it could break.
FUN 4/10 It can't transform. Go figure.
PRICE 2/10 Too expensive.
TRANSFORMATION 0/10 There ain't none.
OVERALL 1/10 This is the lowest mark I've given a Transformer. But the four reasons above should be enough.
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