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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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electro girl's review: Boba Fett

Name: Boba Fett
Allegiance: Presumably whoever pays the most
Function: Bounty hunter
Sub group: Star wars

A bounty hunter never stops for rest, especially while hunting his prize catch. Boba Fett, the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter, has been tracking Han Solo for months. using modified armour and new shape shifting technology, Fett morphs into slave 1 mode and flies to Coruscant, where Solo was last spotted.

Whilst being aware of the Star wars Transformers line, I wasn't too interested at first as I had only seen the Vader, Anakin and Darth Maul toys. But when I was shopping in ASDA I saw this on the shelf and thought WOW my favourite Star wars character was right there in front of me in the medium of Transformers. so I slung it in the trolley and took it home.

The figure comes with a tiny Boba Fett figure which fits into the cockpit in robot and alt mode and has two pistols (making him more akin to Jango Fett) and a firing missile

Alternate mode

This is the mode the figure comes packaged in and is Boba Fetts iconic ship Slave 1. Originally a police ship on the prison moon of Oovo 4, it has been repainted into the familiar green and brown of the original trilogy since it was under the ownership of Jango Fett.(a paintjob that looks a lot better on the box). This mode is very well detailed and is covered in various vents and whatnot. The main colour of this mode is a light green/grey with different sections coloured in a kind of mouldy green and a darker more robust green. The next most prominent colour is the red/brown of the ships base which has the nice effect of the faded and chipped paint of a battle hardened ship. The ships wings are a fawney beige with highlights of silver red and orange, an overall very pleasant paintjob.

The best part about this mode is that its Slave 1 what more do you want? Oh and the wings and guns rotate which is a nice touch.
The drawbacks in this made are as follows. The hip joint is a bit loose which means the ship can droop in the middle if unsupported so I don't display it in this mode in fact I don't display it often at all but more on that later. Also the top section of the base which folds away in robot mode is hollow and moves around a bit.

Robot mode

This is my favourite mode of the two but the transformation is fiddly and it helps to remove the mini Fett so I just leave him in the box. The head flips up by opening the cock pit window which can wear after repeated use (I've to super glue mine back together after I knocked it over and the weakened plastic snapped with ease so now you know why I don't display it). The arches over the wings rotate up to become shoulder pads and the wings fold out to become arms this is by far the trickiest and fiddliest part of the transformation process which is difficult to grasp at first as the arms often pop out (Especially one of mine which is loose). The top part of the base in alt mode folds up and goes behind the cockpit and is covered by Fetts trademark backpack and rocket launcher which folds up from the base. The legs are formed by rotating the hips forward and pulling the ships hull down to reveal the knees, the feet then fold out from the bottom.

He is fairly poseable even with a loose arm and even though the legs cant move very far forward a variety of cool poses can be achieved which look even better with the twin pistols. Just standing nonchalantly has a good look to it but if the figure falls on its back the missile can fire and quite far as well which is good. Also the guns can be stored on his legs when not in use.

This is a good fun figure with very good stats and despite its shortcomings in durability is a good purchase and an essential one for Boba Fett fans.

Transformation: 9 Can be tricky for beginners and isn't helped by the fiddly nature of the parts.
Durability: 5 Parts snap of easily during transformation which is irritating and my cockpit window broke off.
Fun: 8 An iconic character who is enjoyable to use despite loose parts.
Price: 8 At 12 the Star Wars line is slightly more expensive than a standard deluxe but they are a bit bigger and I suppose your paying for the characters.
Overall: 8 A great character and a decently poseable robot mode is let down by poor durability but is worth a purchase.
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