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Kamen's review of some nifty display stands

Name: Flexidisplay Stands
Function: ....Duh....
Subgroup: Accessories

Of all the years Iíve collected Transformers, when it comes time to display them one thing has always bugged me: how to display flying vehicles. Some clever folks are able to suspend them using tacks and fishing wire, but thatís not an option for those of us without a bookcase or over-hanging shelf. Iíve been using some acrylic product display risers; however, they take up quite a bit of room, and any sort of dynamic posing is impossible. So. I finally ran across some display stands that I think solve my problems.

This is my first review of this type, so bear with me.

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Flexidisplay produces three sizes of stands, 2.5", 4", and 6", referring to the length of the support rods. Otherwise, all three are exactly the same, meaning the rods can actually be interchanged. This allows for some very dynamic posing, such as banking, escape vectors, etc. The stands are fully adjustable, thanks to the three ball joints, and have a fairly wide range of motion. Arranged in a triangle, the stands are clearly designed with the basic aeroplane body-configuration in mind; however, the range the rods let them accommodate flying critters, and other things have a place here.

Next on the important list of criteria is economy of space. As a 4X4 square, these stands do take up some space beneath them, eating up much more shelf room than simply displaying them in robot mode. But these are Transformers, dag nabit! Whatís the point if they canít be displayed in vehicle mode now and again? With that in mind, these take up relatively little room, and in a diorama figures can be placed close enough to somewhat hide the base. Along the same lines, the stands are molded from clear acrylic, an effort to keep them from sticking out like a sore thumb, I suppose. It works, to some extent. Theyíre still visible, but the eye isnít drawn to them exclusively.

There really arenít any negatives to speak of. There is a weight limit (2 lbs), which most Transformers will make with ease, and the 6" rods look daft unless supporting at least a Voyager sized figure. Neither of these things detracts from the overall package.

Marks out of ten for the following:
Assembly: Relatively simple. It can be difficult to get the screws to tighten evenly, but practice will take care of that. 2
Durability: Theyíre acrylic, and not made to bend or take punishment. X
Fun: By themselves....okay, they make flying Transformers much more enjoyable. 10
Price: Hereís the sticking point. The 2.5" go for $12.99 USD, 4" for $13.99, and the 6" for $14.99, plus shipping (unless youíre lucky enough to have a hobby shop that carries them). Either way, thatís fairly expensive. 3
Overall: Unless you have a large collection thatís displayed all the time, you can probably get away with only a few of them, keeping the cost down. Otherwise, you may want to buy a few over time. I do recommended them, if youíre looking for stands. 9
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