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Civ's review: Fred

Name: Go-Bots Convertible Laser Gun
Function: Pretty big, honkin' toy that makes sounds to drive your parents nuts.
Sub-Group: Go-Bots, no faction indicated.
"Laser gun Converts to a Robot -- 2 Laser Like Sounds"

Tech spec is not applicable since...well...there isn't one.

Alternate Mode:
This is the Go-Bots Convertible Laser, the hell with this, I'm gonna call him Fred. As far as I know, this is a spin-off from the mainline as one of those neat collectible-like things that were fun to play with. Fred, shockingly, turns into a double barrel laser gun on a comparable size to G1 Shockwave. It's your basic role-playing toy that doubles up as an action figure powered by a standard 9V battery to make noise to drive parents and neighbors nutty. What a great alt mode!

Robot Mode:
Converting from gun to robot mode is simple. Just bring Fred's arms down to reveal the head, bring the legs out and down, and finally, twist and lift the torso. Oh, pop the fist out in the left arm while you're at it too. As far as articulation goes, has limited chest rotation and he can move his arms up and down. It can also move its legs backwards but they aren't useful for posing. Compared to G1 Shockwave, Fred isn't all that articulate but he's far cheaper than ole Shockers.

Transformation: 1, very easy. Almost G1 Bumblebee easy.
Durability: 7, he's pretty durable though the double barrels worry me a bit.
Fun: 10, FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!!
Price: 5, I got him for $25 MIB on e-bay. Also saw him go for about $5.00 as well.
Overall: 8, for such a simple toy, Fred's immense fun. I'm still having fun pointing him around the apartment. Only problem is that Fred's really, really rare.

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