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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Poyguimogul's Review: iGear Rager

Name: MW-02 "Rager" (aka Huffer)
Function: Land Mini-Warrior
Subgroup: iGear Mini-Warrior
Size Class: Legend / Cyberverse Legion

Rager - A fantastic construction engineer and could build pretty much anything he wanted too, but instead he'd rather complain about being in his situation. Too clever, too lonely, too short, too orange! He could have achieved anything in his time on his home planet but moaning was his primary habit and as such he accomplished very little. He once pulled a trailer for Faith Leader, and he still goes on about it 25 years later.


*iGears "Rager" bio, making obvious reference to we the fans, and our sole memorable moment from Huffer, sans saving Spike and his dad in More then Meets the Eye. Could Orange and Situation be a referance to something else, I certainly hope not. But if Mike was a Huffer & a Rager it wouldn't surprise me.*

The Autobot Mini-bot Huffer released in 1984 with the other Ark Autobots, has seen very little love over all. His original toy was adorable, his Botcon toy, was a nice Huffer repaint from an obvious Pipes homage. The PCC, when ignoring the combining gimmick, and the fact that his arms weren't all silver as displayed on his box art, is a pretty decent little scout class incarnation.

Alternate Mode: Huffer has his standard G1-esque small box freight loader look. His vehicle mode comes off a little more super deformed due it's slightly larger scale to the standard Legend or Cyberverse. Has rolling wheels, but low ground clearance due to his protruding chest. Very Standard.

Robot Mode: Huffers robot mode shines, but not as much as you would like. While he does have Ball jointed shoulders, elbows, hinged wrist, rotating waist, ball joint neck, ball joint hips, hinged knees and hinged feet, his head is set back in an area, where even my slender, and nimble fingers cannot easily reach his head for manipulation. His arms also have to contest with the wheels on his torso for space which always makes him look like Tempa T. The tiny lego style revolvers are amazingly detailed, resembling a laser equipped a snub nose 38. beef Huffer up to "Rager" status.

Transformation Design: A real nice update to the G1, has a nice-pop-out-rotate-and-lock-in shoulder design. His legs just flip back. Easy & Quick. 4

Durability: His legs seem fragile as if they could break if excessive force is applied to the wrong angles. Still good plastic, just the pin in the knee area looks like it could be problematic if you like to man handle your figs while "pissed up" to use your native tongue. Other then that his arms are solid, better then most their size. 5

Fun: Huffer is massive fun, if you can move his head. His articulation allows nice, dramatic pose ability, and he can look pretty bad ash with his dual hand guns. Though those hand guns can be a pain getting in and out of his hands But the inability to reach his head easily is a bit of a draw back. The attached picture shows the paper clip I use to gingerly move his head around. He is also better then your average legend. But still. 7 ( Unless you can't reach his head, in which case, 5 )

Aesthetics: Beautiful. His face looks like Huffer, but, I'm gonna git you sucka type Huffer. He's not the pathetic clown you may remember almost drowning to save some humans. His truck looks very G1 box like. 9

Articulation: Amazing all around. It's a shame Hasbro didn't make it. 9 (if you can't reach the head like me then -> 7 as it's a hinderance to the whole figure.)

Value/Price: 18$ with free shipping from which isn't bad, considering the next best things are, a way-to-movieverse scout, and a way-to-expensive-botcon/cybertron scout. Like Spray he'd been nice for less, but his packaging is nigh indestructible, and the accessories are quite nice, especially since Huffer gets, not one, but two lego like guns! 6

Overall: Huffer is awesome. Takes the adorable little guy from G1, gives him a cartoon accurate face, new articulation and some nice revolvers. His truck is a bit basic, but that's kind of the appeal isn't it? A must-have for any fan of G1 as he can replace the G1 in a collection or reduce the Classic Ark Autobot count down to Gears... 10 (if you can't reach the head, you'll need a device, I recommend a paper clip, or a pair of Q-tips used Chop Sticks style to move it, thusly, 5 )
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