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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Poyguimogul's Review: iGear Spray

Name: MW-01 "Spray" (aka Seaspray)
Function: Aquatic Mini-Warrior
Subgroup: iGear Mini-Warrior
Size Class: Legend / Cyberverse Commander-Legion

Spray - A good natured 'bot, more at home on the sea than on land. Originally scheduled to join the Mini-Warrior Exodus, Spray was denied entry for being too tall and had to spend his time on his home planet where he was considered too short. Had he joined the mini-brethren, he would never have eventually found peace on Earth, where he also enjoyed a brief career as a voice over artist for marine based Universal Masters.

Strength: 4

*Igears "Spray" bio, claiming Seaspray was to join the Transformers Armada mini-cons leaving Cybertron 1,000,000 years before G1, and that Seaspray was the voice actor of Masters of the Universe : Mer-Mann, which in reality is true as both characters were voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.*

Seaspray, original one of the 1985 Autobot mini-bots, has been getting alot of attention lately. Two third party releases already available in Jan. 2012 and the previously released HFTD Voyager Seaspray seeing it's 4th release as Botcon Octopunch. Only the rare Armada / Micron Legend - Waterlog recolor seems to have been forgotten with time. But still serves as a quality Spray.

Alternate Mode: Seaspray retains his orignal Hovercraft Vehicle mode, with quite an update in details. He's also in scale with his Legend / Cyberverse brethren. That being said, it's not as sturdy as the original figure or the vehicle modes of his previous Hasbro/Takara releases. He has twin spinning propellers like his original figure, but that's it for features in vehicle mode. No rolling wheels on the bottom.

Robot Mode: The enhanced articulation really shines in his arms, and head when posing him, for some Dirty Harry-esque gun play. Ball jointed shoulders & elbows. Ball jointed neck. Rotating waist. His legs are bit bulky, and finnicky, but still add to the allure. He has ball jointed hips, hinged knees and a ball joint / hinge combo in the ankle. His legs are very poseable, but the bulk can be hindering. The tiny harpoon gun is solid, maybe more durable then lego guns.

Transformation Design: Updates the G1 nicely. Unclip the arms and pull them out to the side, then rotate the section, semi-automorph. Then straighten and extend the legs. Easy, Quick and Surprisingly fun. 6

Durability: The arms are like rocks and won't be loose for a few years. The legs could be an issue in the long run if excessively transformed. other then that very solid plastic, and as kid proof as can be. 8

Fun: As it is a legend it's not overly complex. But it is a super articulated G1-esque Seaspray, with a tiny Lego style harpoon gun! 7

Aesthetics: Men will be able to look past it, but not girls. Right out the box she says: "He's got an ugly face!" and he does, its a flat grate. Despite his ugly mug, the rest is pure Seaspray, albeit a beefy manly Seaspray. 5

Articulation: With the added mobility of his arms and legs Seaspray can really come to life better with poses. Even a rotating waist! While not as expressive as his superior voyager release, he can hold his own against Universe Legends Beachcomber or DotM Cyberverse Powerglide. 8

Value/Price: 18$ with free shipping from if your into these characters at this size, it's not a bad price. It's a better price then Perfect Effect Reflector, who is put into super-collector category. 18$ is pretty high for a legend, but these are better-then-legends. I would have preferred maybe $10 range, but it is a high quality custom. 7

Overall: While the Voyager Seaspray will interact better with Ultra Powerglide and Deluxe Warpath, Mini-Warrior Spray looks right at home with all the Legends / Cyberverse you can stand him next too and will hold his own against even the best, like legend Warpath or Cyberverse Powerglide. Even his vehicle mode is in scale with them. I knew I didn't like his flat face from the start, but still Love the toy. Even his flat face. The G1-esque boxes with technical designs of the robot and vehicle mode are nice, and too a degree, minimal. The super dense, shiney and extremely well made Character cards are a nice bonus, showing a shiny dramatic picture of the character and tech specs on the back. 8
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