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Alternate Mode:
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Detective Barricade's review: Hulk

Name: Hulk
Function: N/A
Sub-Group: Marvel Transformers Crossovers


In 2008, Hasbro decided that they want to do another crossover line along side their Star Wars Transformers line. For this one, they used Marvel comic book characters to create the Marvel Transformers crossovers. One of the heroes to get a toy for the first wave of the line is The Incredible Hulk, or Hulk for short. Does this line deserve respect? Or does it wander the dark path that Star Wars Transformers did? Read on to find out...

Alternate Mode:

In this mode, Hulk is a tank. Just a generic tank. That said, he looks like he can take a pounding, and is very detailed. He even has a tiny bit of molded in battle damage on the front of the right track cover. Sadly, two things bring this mode down a bit. The crotch and thighs don’t really even attempt to hide in the rear, and the turret doesn’t turn. Since mine is the wave 1 version, Hulk is mostly green and purple/violet, with some gold and silver highlights. The wave 2 version is mainly grey and blue in reference to the “Gray Hulk” persona in the comics (at least, that’s what Wikipedia says). What grinds my gears for my version is the small hinge piece that connects two track wheel sections together. Everything around it is gold, but the hinge itself isn’t painted. Would it have killed them to paint that in? Now something I find interesting is Hulk is the only tankformer I have that actually rolls worth anything.

Robot Mode:

After a satisfying transformation where you basically fold out the turret, pop the rear onto the top, and bring the tracks down for the arms, you get the Hulk in mech mode. Like Deluxe Brawl’s shoulders, the panels that are supposed to peg onto the forearms never stay pegged. Ever. He’s a little short compared to his co-sells, (Spidey, Iron Man, and Venom) but he is every bit as bulky as the Incredible Hulk should be! He looks like a mechanized version of the Hulk The gimmick for this toy is that “spinning punch” deal like on the Ultimate Battle Optimus Prime and both Battle Begins figures. But the waist can’t be wound up very far, and rarely goes past the “neutral” position. The only new color in mech mode is white for the eyes.

Hulk has a whopping 29 points of articulation. 30 if you could remove that useless “spinning punch” gimmick, which deprives him of a waist joint. And none of these feel loose at all! The tank barrel halves help with balance, something many of the SWTF’s desperately needed.

Overall, Marvel Transformers crossovers have made an excellent first impression through Hulk. Both modes are simply great and the attention to detail is on par with the SWTF’s and the ‘07 movie line.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 5 Not hard, but involved enough to be interesting.
Durability: 10 Unless you’re trying to destroy him, you’ll only make him angry. And you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry...
Fun: 9 Apart from a useless gimmick, this is a very fun toy.
Price: 9 $15 USD well spent.
Overall: 9 If you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket between waves, then pick this guy up!
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