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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Ironman

Name: Iron Man
Allegiance: New Avengers
Function: Moneybag
Alt Mode: F22 Raptor (?)

When Man and Machine meet... You call in an expert. Know anyone like that?

Marvel and Hasbro has created a crossover, making Marvel characters that transform into vehicles. Obviously the currently movie-ized Iron Man and Hulk got the Transformers makeover.

Iron Man, a robotic character himself, built these exo-suits with Mr Fantastic, according to the back story. Not too hard to believe. One of their first exo-suits is Iron Man himself. Even easier to believe, considering him. Read New Avengers/Transformers, which features Iron Man wearing a Transformer-sized battle suit and kicking the crap out of the Decepticons. Now if the story or the art has been better...(I mean, come on! Using radioactive blood to empower himself? What happened to the classic giant laser?)

To get those I-only-know-Transformers-and-nothing-else guys up to date with Iron Man. Genius billionaire playboy Tony Stark was injured in a terrorist attack, and to keep him from dying he designed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership and placed it into his chest, and transformed him into the greatest Autobot... Naw, just joking. He built something like a power core which also powers his Iron Man armor. Watch the movie, duh.


Iron Man owns a weapons factory, and in the movie, miscommunication pits him against his own F-22 Raptor jets. Hey, they look like Starscream! Apparently the designers like Starry so much that they gave Iron Man's alt mode a Starscream-ish paintjob, minus the blue.

Actually the jet mode is not as sleek or deadly looking as the real F-22, or even movie Screamer's alt mode. The nosecone looks pudgy, the main inaccuracy. Iron Man has a whole bunch of weapons under his wing. First up, there are working missile launchers. Then on each wing there are (annoyingly) removable missiles, including one small and two molded together on each wing. These fall off very easily, mind you. Choking hazard: keep Iron Man off kids under age, dogs, cats and other pets.

The robotic kibble is not too visible, except for the arms, poorly disguised as jet engines.

Overall, a solid (if goofy) jet mode. The redeeming feature of this toy.

Very needlessly complicated. (whatever happened to classic Seeker or Aerialbot transformation?) You are more likely to get the folding connectors pop out. The pieces don't fit together very well either.

Iron Man is his normal robotic self with a jet cockpit on his chest instead of the Matrix. Sorry, power core. This time all the Starscream gray has disappeared and replaced with golden.

Not too poseable, I am afraid. Iron's joints are stiff and cannot move too well, making transformation so much harder. Iron also has two arm-mounted Null Rays. I mean rocket launchers. Unlike Venom's, Iron Man's hands are not molded in great detail.

Iron Man looks slightly taller than his comrades. The wings fold behind Iron's back but the wings can open up for a cape-esque (or Seeker-esque) effect.

Lastly, don't forget that this toy is fragile and easy to fall apart. Although both modes are rather solid, Transformation sucks. Overall, I recommend not to buy it if you aren't an Iron Man or a TF fan.

DURABILITY4/10 Very easily separated, these parts. The missiles can go missing easily.
TRANSFORMATION 6/10 in hardness 1/10 in design. You'd think ole' moneybag Tony Stark would be able to afford a better transformation.
FUN 8/10 Iron Man SMASH! If you don't like him, pretend he's, I dunno, Powerglide.
PRICE 5/10 Very steep. Nearly the price of a Voyager.
OVERALL 5/10 Not too great in durability or poseability, not as much fun as other jet Transformers, but if you have money to burn, go for it. Just don't say I don't warn you.
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