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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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The Reverend's Review: QUINT-03 Prosecutor

Name: Quintesson Prosecutor (QUINT-03)
Function: Prosecutor
Manufacturer: Impossible Toys

(text from packaging, not corrected for grammar or punctuation)
"The Quint Prosectuor is supported by a propulsion column of pure energy. The Prosecutor is distinguished by a curving, elongated cranial housing and a fairly vicious-looking countenance. The Prosecutor is equipped with side-mounted, squid-like tentacles. Having created many robots as servitor races, the Quints were defeated by their creations, expelled from there home world, and forced to colonize the much less grandiose planet of Quintessia. Twisted by exile and betrayal, they now are forced to entertain themselves with mock trials, petty cruelties, bizarre experimentations and attempted subterfuges."

While I enjoyed Impossible Toys' rendition of the Quintesson Judge (QUINT-01), I didn't plan on picking up any of the others. However, as of this writing, BBTS has the Prosecutor on clearance for $22.99, so I went ahead and plunked down for one more Quintesson just to keep the Judge company.

This figure comes boxed in faux-G1 packaging - purple box with grid pattern, yellow sunburst gradient and a nice drawing of the character on the front. The description on the back, quoted above, also has Tech Spec style ratings for the usual G1 categories. I'm not sure why the Prosecutor gets an "8" in Firepower, as I can't recall them doing anything under fire except screaming, getting knocked down and running away. Although one managed to keep his composure when a (racist?) Galvatron informed him that all Quintessons "look alike". No wonder Casey Kasem quit the show. Anyhow...

The Prosecutor, unboxed, doesn't require as much assembly as the Judge. All you have to do is plug him into his energy-beam/stand, take the shrinkwrap off the watch battery in his back and gently twist the battery cover into place. The Prosecutor is tall, about the same height as a Classics/Generations figure, and almost the same size as the Judge. Most of the details from the animation are reproduced faithfully - his "warty" base, gear-shaped waistline, orange and green torso, elongated head. He also has his distinctive six tentacles jutting out of his shoulders. Where the Judge was basically a smooth egg with faces attached, the Prosecutor features a LOT of detailing, with ribbing all over his torso and head, lumps covering his tentacles, and his purple face with its open mouth. The face is appropriately ugly and sinister, although the inside of the mouth is silver instead of the darker color one would expect. This isn't too big a deal, but it looks a little funny if you stare at him straight on.

The Prosecutor has the same type of clear energy-beam/stand that came with the Judge, although the post that connects him to it is thicker and a little more stable. No instructions came with the toy for the light-up action. Once you've put the battery in place in his back, the cover twists into place over it. Twisting it all the way in turns the LED light in his base on and keeps it on. Loosening this cover just a little keeps the battery from making contact and having the light on all the time, but also enables you to use the cover as a push-button to turn the light on as long as you hold it in place.

The Prosecutor doesn't transform, of course. His type was never shown to do so in the movie or post-movie eps and, given the G1 cartoon's back story for the Quintessons, there's no reason to expect him to. Articulation-wise, he can turn his head somewhat to the left or right, and while the tentacles aren't posable, the shoulders can swivel if you want them at a different angle. The only thing you have to be careful of when displaying him is making sure he's securely attached to his base. Admittedly, he doesn't really do much, but he makes a nice complement to the other Quints and to Gnaw and won't break the bank.

Transformation Design: N/A. There isn't one.
Durability: 6/10. He's not as delicate as the Judge, and doesn't have any obviously fragile parts.
Fun: 3/10. It's a niche novelty piece and doesn't really have a lot of immediate play value, but if you liked the Quintessons in general, this is a familiar character.
Aesthetics: 8/10. Actually, Impossible Toys did a good job on his appearance. The photo of the toy I saw on BBTS doesn't really represent it that well. Nice replica of the character, nice detailing, good strong colors. I'm still a little dubious about the shape of the base, but its not so bad as to derail the figure.
Articulation: Look, he doesn't actually have legs or arms. The head movement and the tentacle rotating are nice touches, but I could live without them.
Value/Price: 10 - at the clearance price I mentioned. I wouldn't want it for the original $50 price they originally went for.
Overall: 5. The problem with the Prosecutor is that he's a representation of a non-transforming G1 character of questionable popularity, although I myself think he's more desirable than some of the one-shot Quints that Impossible Toys also replicated. Now, he's a nicely made figure, and attractive in his ugliness, and definitely could have been represented in a much worse fashion - but I won't say he's a total must-have.
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