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Alternate Mode:
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Rookwise's Review: Fansproject CA-01 Warcry

Name: Warcry
Function: Unknown
Sub Group: Unknown
Size Class: Scout Class equivalent


Travel Log Entry # 1539
Tag: Warcry, Berserker System, Inhumanity Experiment

Being discovered in an abandoned facility, Warcry remembers nothing about his past, including his name. He was named after the very limited information left in the experimental record Project Berserker – Warcry, this is the only thing we learn from the file fragment.

Although he lost his memory, he has very high proficiency in weaponry and combat skill, which makes us believe that he was a solider before.

We still haven't fully cracked the “berserker system” that's installed to his body, all we know is that the system is extremely dangerous and we dont have effective countermeasure against it. Further analysis is required and it is a priority as we may encounter more enemies with berserker systems installed.

Defender – Warbot leader

Warcry is a remold of a previous Fansproject character. Namely Crossfire's Munitioner. The difference between the two characters are basically a new colour scheme, new weapons and a new remolded head.
Warcry is Fansprojects 13th creation in a line of add ons and figures and is the first in the new 2011 Fansproject line titled Causality. This story is supposedly is set in the aftermath of a great war (CA-02 Flameblasts bio mentions about this briefly).

Alternate Mode:

Warcry's alt mode resembles a military Humvee 4x4 type. The main colour on display is a brown/orange colour. Possibly to resemble a sort of desert camo. Other colours on display are white, black and a little silver. Warcry's alt mode features lots of detail. Notably wheel bolts, bonnet/hood vents, armour plating in some sections and front and rear lights.

Everything locks together nice and tight with few panel gaps if done correctly. One of the hardest parts to line up are the feet where they connect to the middle section of the alt mode as there is a square piece connected to the roof which gets in the way.

The alt mode features storage points of the rear for Warcry's 2 cannon attachments and his arm cannon and knuckle duster type weapon form a roof mounted gun turret.

Seeing as Warcry is a remould of another Fansproject figure (Crossfire's Munitioner) which was a combiner. Warcry still retains his mold mates combiner pieces. While one of these has been covered by a removable cap. The pegs on the front of the vehicle mode by the lights could have been removed for Warcry's release as they do spoil the front section.

Robot Mode:

Changing Warcry to robot mode isn't overly difficult. The main problem is the same as mentioned in the alt mode where the robots feet join up the the middle section of the alt mode. Unclipping them again and maneuvering them around the square peg on the roof section can be annoying. Other than that minor gripe, everything else unfolds with ease. After the transformation we see a very highly detailed figure which features 18 !!!!! points of articulation (Take note Hasbro and Takara). This is a major plus seeing as Hasbro/Takara cant even produce a figure of Warcry's size with this much articulation and so much detail. The colours on display have become mostly black with the brown/orange from the alt mode in places followed by metallic grey,silver and white. Warcry's eyes are covered by a red visor.

Even though the rear quarter of the alt mode is hanging from Warcry's back. It doesn't make him fall over. This is due to two stabilizers on the back of the foot section which do their job perfectly (again take note Hasbro/Takara).

Warcry's alt mode accessories form a hand/arm mounted cannon, hand held knuckle duster type weapon and a spare cannon barrel which is interchangeable with the arm cannon barrel. Unsure why this was done (maybe to simulate different types of ammo rounds Warcry could fire) but is a nice addition.

Posing Warcry is easy thanks to the amount of articulation so there should be some interesting methods of display.

Its also worth noting that Warcry does actually resemble a larger version of a 90's G1 TF Micromaster figure. The Battle Patrol's Growl. His colours and design are almost identical.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: 8 Very straightforward transformation and everything locks together nicely.
7 Plastics used feel solid and most joints are made with balljoints which are easily reattached if they come off.
Fun: 8 Loads of articulation and accessories make for a nice figure to mess with.
Aesthetics: 7 loads of detail and colours in robot mode but mostly one single colour in alt mode. Weapons go well with the colours of either mode. The only complaint is that the combiner pegs from Warcrys mold mate haven't been removed during the retooling of the figure.
Articulation: 9 Features 18 points of articulation so this has to be marked high. Just loses 1 point for lack of waist movement.
Value/Price: 6 As with all 3rd party creations. These come with a price. Most stores are asking £34.99 for what is basically a scout sized figure but you can see why when so much attention to detail and articulation has been used.
Overall: 8 An excellent offering from a 3rd party company which actually outdoes the official offerings in terms of detail and articulation. Only let down is the high price which I can see rising higher as Warcry is now starting to show as out of stock in a lot of places.

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