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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Calvin_0's Review: RID Arcee

Name: Arcee
Function: Scouts? Baby sitter?
Sub-Group: Deluxe Class, Robot in Disguise Edition
Size Class: Medium-Small?

"Haven't you heard? Humans multiply"

Arcee may be the most skilled fighter among the Autobots on earth. She works constatly to keep her edge, knowing that one mistake could cost her and her teammates everything.

Arcee is my favorite transformer ever since her debut in Transformer The Movie. Too bad she never really got a toy until Transformer Animated. Even though she is fans favorite, she never be anything more then a support character, sometimes a background character, until Transformer Prime. (Bayformer doesnt count)

Alternate Mode:

Arcee vehicle mode is a motorcycles, for short bike. Thanks to bayformer, i dont really like the idea of Arcee being a bike. But for some reason, bike work for Arcee in Transformer Prime.

She look pretty show accurate in her bike mode, but the color is wrong. In the show, she is metalic dark blue while the toy is sky blue. Even her color is wrong, she still look pretty good. Another downside is there is couple of thing that is have no paint, like her ekzos pipe or that thing above her wheels.

In her bike mode, she doesnt really do much, both of her wheels rolls (vroom, vroom..), you can twist her front whee to left or right and you can pull out a bike stand to help her stand.. thats it.

Also in her bike mode, you can see her hand clearly if you view the bike from the side, i kinda wish they could hide it better.

You can also attach her over-sized blaster (her BFG) and blade on her front wheel which kinda make her look ridiculous...

Robot Mode:

Her transformation is pretty simple and easy to learn.

In her robot mode, she is very show accurate as far as modeling goes. But her hand is kinda too small, i wish her head is bigger.

For paint job, she only have blue, black and silver. In the show, she alittle have pink here and there.

They did a good job on her head, its pretty show accurate, down to the little red dot on her helmet... but again, no pink. Her translucent eyes look good.

But her back on the other hand is totally differ story, because you stare the whole front of the bike on her back, she look pretty wide from the side, but not that noticeable from front view.

As for articulation, you can turn her heads, all her limbs are in ball joins, so she is pretty flexible. But there is a limit on how far her arms and legs can spread. All her limbs can rotate but thanks to her legs design you can only turn her legs so far before the tire clashes.

As i mention before She come with a over sized blaster (her BFG) and by over sized, i really mean it. Her blaster is roughly 2/3 of the length of her vehicle mode. Way too big for a robot of her size. You can attach her BFG on to the side of her arm or you can attach her hand at the end of the BFG to give the illusion of her arm transform into an canon. You can also have her to hold her BFG like a regular riffle (either single hand or two handed), which IMO look much better then other method.

She also come in with a big blade which you can either attach to the side of her arm or on her BFG.

Transformation Design: 8, fairly simple

Durability: 8, no part falling apart, but the wheel on her leg is pretty hard to rotate, which might break.

Fun: 6.5, her vehicle mode is as fun as your average model car. Her robot mode have more replay value.

Aesthetics: 8, pretty show accurate.

Articulation: 7, limited spread angle on her arm and legs, but still pretty flexible.

Value/Price: 5, RiD is still pretty new, so she should be pretty cheap.

Overall: 8, Arcee have con here and there but still pretty good figure overall, if you like Arcee, you should add her into your collection.
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