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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Calvin_0's Review: Hunter Arcee

Name: Hunter Arcee
Function: Scout? Decepticon Hunter?
Sub-Group: Transformers Go!
Size Class: Deluxe Size

I love Arcee, so when Hasbro showed us Beast Hunter Arcee, I was really happy because they showed us a really beautiful piece of work, however when I finally saw the toy, I was really disappointed with it. Hasbro has ruined Arcee again with mis-matched colors, it's so mis-matched that it kinda looks like someone barfed on it.

This is when Takara steps in. The Transformers Go! line is probably a fix up on the mess Hasbro created with the Beast Hunters line. They improved the Beast Hunter mold with a better color scheme and some toys even got a faction change to fit the toy profile better.

Alternate Mode:

Hunter Arcee's alternate mode is the same as TF Prime Arcee, which is a bike. Because it's based on Beast Hunter Arcee, it has a lot of "beast" features on it, like the bat wings on the side of the bike.

I didn't really follow TF Go, so I'm not sure if Hunter Arcee is show accurate or not, but the bike mode is pretty cool.

Almost every part of the bike is remolded so it looks dramatically differ from RiD Arcee or First Edition Arcee in bike mode, even the bike stand is remolded.

As for colors, it's a really nice dark blue with some gun metal and black with a little bit of metallic pink on the side. It's really nice.

Arcee's hand however is still exposed, but unlike RiD Arcee's it doesnt stand out as much thanks to the design and the color scheme.

If you think the bike mode wasn't different enough from other Arcees, you can attach Arcee's gigantic bow to the bike. You have to turn the front wheel around before you can attach it and its a bit tricky to do so because the front wheel keeps moving around. Once you manage to get it attached, it'll stay there as the connection is a bit tight and it'll give the bike a new look.

However there is a problem with the bike mode, Arcee's bat wings don't want to peg into her legs, so as result, the wings often pop out. This is probably due to a design flaw as Beast Hunters Arcee also have the same problem.

Robot Mode:

Because Hunter Arcee is a repaint of Beast Hunter Arcee which is a retool of RiD Arcee, she has the same transformation. It's simple and easy.

Again, not sure if it's show accurate, but the robot mode is gorgeous.

She is primary dark blue and black, with some silver on her stomach, keen and face and more importancly, she's got metallic pink on her head and hand. Yes, she finally got pink bits.

Her head sculpt is not great and pretty bland but they made it work. Dark blue with bright chrome silver with metallic pink make her head look great. Not to mention all those dark colors make her eyes pop, you don't have to shine a light on her head and her eyes will still light up.

Besides the wings, head, legs and color scheme, she pretty much looks the same as Rid Arcee. Her bike mode has a bigger different then her robot mode. But again TF Go takes place in the same universe as TF Prime, so this is the same Arcee and it's not so surprising that they look the same.

Articulation wise, it's the same as Rid Arcee with a bit of limitation on the legs, thanks to the new design, Arcee's legs will often clash with each other. The bat wings on Arcee's tail will also clash with her legs.

As I mention before, Arcee comse with a gigantic bow (I think Arcee and giant weapons are a running joke in this generation), it has a really nice design and color, it's a dark metalic blue with black and grey-blueish secondary color. Arcee can hold it with either one hand like a normal bow, or dual handed like a giant cross bow.

It's spring loaded and like every spring loaded gimmick, it can misfire easily, so be careful as the missile can sometimes travel pretty far. It's got some articulation on the upper and lower limbs.

This figure do have some problems, some of the joints are too tight while others are too loose, take Arcee's hand for example, it's really tight on the elbow joint but really loose on the shoulder... so Arcee isn't strong enough to hold her gigantic bow. Thanks to the design, the legs also clash during transformation. However all this are minor problems and probably are design problems as I remember Beast Hunters Arcee also suffer from similar issue.

Transformation Design: 8, fairly simple.

Durability: 8, nothing's falling apart, but some moving parts are pretty tight, so pay a bit of attention on those parts.

Fun: 8, her vehicle mode is as fun as your average model car. Her robot mode has more replay value but her new weapon did add more replay value to both modes.

Aesthetics: 9, simply gorgeous.

Articulation: 6.5, the new legs mess up a bit of the articulation as they keep clashing on each other but still pretty flexible.

Value/Price: 7, well it's an import figure, so it's going to cost more then the local one since you need to pay for shipping. Luckily I got mine via a friend that happens to visit Japan.

Overall: 8, Arcee have a few problems here and there but still a very good figure overall, if you like Arcee but you dislike Beast Hunters Arcee, this is for you.
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