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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Cyberstrike nTo's Review: Grimwing

Name: Grimwing
Function: Warrior
Subgroup: Predacon
Size Class: Voyager from Transformers: Prime-Beast Hunters line

Character's bio: The most honorable warrior among the Predacons, Grimwing seeks glory through chivalrous combat with a worthy foe!

From his bio Grimwing seems to be following the line of honorable Decepticon/Predacon warriors who could one could see easily defect to the Autobots/Maximals this line includes some famous names in the franchise. In the G1 cartoon show Cyclonus at times (mostly when Galvatron wasn't around) showed and often spoke of fighting with honor, in the Marvel US Comic we had Bludgeon, and the UK series had Carnivac and Catilla, and IDW has Thundercracker and Drift filling this role. In Beast Wars we the most well known honorable Predacon/Maximal Dinobot and his successor Silverbolt. In the Robots In Disguise anime series we had Scrounge filling the role of the "honorable" Decepticon. In the Unicron Trilogy Starscream was given this role (this actually made his legendary tendency to betray Megatron make more sense than just being "I'm better than Megatron" trope) This role was absent in Animated. In Prime had given this role to Skyquake and Dreadwing. So while Grimwing's honorable warrior status is nothing new to the franchise, it is still a fun way for kids and storytellers in various medias to explore the differences and similarities between both sides of the war.

Grimwing comes with Blackbeak a weird looking bug that turns into a grapple hook according to instructions' Tales of the Beast Hunters storyline, is a semi-intelligent ally that gives wants to fight Ultra Magnus and generally gives bad advice to keep aligned to the Decepticon/Predacon cause.

Alternate Mode: Grimwing transforms into a grey and green colored Urasgryph, which the best description I've been able to find is a bear with the head, neck, and wings of a hawk. It's a sturdy mode that gives the toys limited movement. The wings move up-and-down with a membrane looking hooks that rotate out on the top of each wing. The hawk's head beak opens, and the head can rotate a full 180 degrees. Blackbeak can be plugged into a hole on the back just between the wings or holes into the arms.

Robot Mode: As a robot Grimwing works pretty well from the chest down. The shoulders lock into holes in the side of the neck to keep the robot mode's torso from falling apart, those holes aren't there to make the robot mode very unstable. There looks to be a latch that beak looks like it is suppose to connect to hold the head and wings in place but I'll be damned if I can it to hold. The rear legs fold over the knee joints while this isn't a problem it can be annoying when trying to get the legs to be the same length so he doesn't look like he has a limp or something.

Blackbeak can connect to his arms via holds in them. If you remove a panel off his back (just behind his wings) and unwrap the string then push the green stem out to fire the grapple hook. The grapple hook is well molded but could have used some color on it that a solid green.

Transformation Design: 5 I found the transformation mostly enjoyable when going from robot to beast mode. The Transformation from beast to robot is most annoying to the problems with the head.

Durability: 3 The torso area in robot mode looks fragile.

Fun: 6 Grimwing is fun for the young and the young at heart, or if you're a fan of Urasgryph.

Aesthetics: 7 He's a standout from the other Beast Hunters Predacon action figures that I've seen in the stores. He looks more heroic than the other Predacons.

Articulation: 6 He's has a decent articulation. He's doesn't have Masterpiece level but he can stand and look cool.

Value/Price: 5 At $20 or below he's a good buy anything over $25 he's not a good deal.

Overall: 5 I wish I could give Grimwing a higher rating but I can't he's not a bad toy but he's far from being a great toy. He's just average. If you see him on sale over the holidays get him, just don't pay more than $20 before tax, shipping and handling he's just not worth more than that.
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