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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

StryderK's review: Encore Jazz

Name: Jazz
Allegience: Autobots
Series: Encore presentation of the original G1 toys
Function: Lieutenant to Optimus Prime (at least in the first three episodes)
Alternate Mode: A Porsche 911 (At least I think so)

The big difference between the original G1 Jazz and this Encore one is that the word "Porsche" was removed. The original one has the words "Martini Porsche" stickers on the top window and the spoilers. This encore presentation has the words, "Agent Meister" instead.

The toy comes with Jazz's blaster and shoulder missile launcher, also a sticker sheet and a baseball card of Jazz with vital stats on the back.

Robot mode:
The robot mode looks exactly like the G1 toy and even somewhat like the cartoon! The transformation is pretty easy to figure out, all except the chest area, which you need to pull straight, then up in order to swing out the head. this may take some getting used to since the instructions are in Japanese and the diagrams aren't too clear on this. The two door wings can easily fall off, but they are designed that way since the chest area is just a bit hard. If you goof, they are designed to fall off instead of breaking! Still, do be careful so you don't lose them!

The worst part of the toy, and my biggest disappointment, is that the legs, after you split them apart, can't move. In fact, they are held together by three small metal rods. The "feet" looks goofy because they are tad too big, made worse by the spoilers on the back. Other wise, it looks almost just like Jazz!

In this mode, you can attach the shoulder missile launcher on Jazz's shoulder. This has been launched all of once or twice in the cartoons....You can insert one of three missiles into the launcher, then press down (hard) on the white button to launch the missile. The spring is quite tight and has quite a bit of power and can launch the missile quite a distance away! Pretty cool!

I like this, but it's mostly brought down by the over-bloated feet and the non-moving legs held together by those three metal rods. The rest looks quite good, especially the face, which looks just like G1 cartoon Jazz with the blue visor!

Alternate Mode:

Jazz's alternate mode is a Porsche 911 (at least that's what it looks like to me). This mode actually looks quite good sans the rear and doors, which have a noticeable crack down the lines.

Unfortunately, the missile launcher block, which has engine details on it, can not be inserted into the engine area since Jazz's arms are hidden down there. Too bad... Would've been cool if you can do it. The stickers do add a bit more details to the car. The wheels have rubber tires so that's a good detail too. Also, the figure is small but heavy due to the apparent massive use of die-cast metal. So this should please die-cast fans. You get a nice little Porsche that rolls nicely down an incline! There are no inside details inside the cockpit since the chest is hidden there, and the bottom has things jutting out too, but what is there should please the eye!

Is it worth it? You bet! This is a nice little collector's piece for all you original G1 Trans-Fans, especially fans of Jazz. It looks exactly like the original G1 Jazz toy and is extremely durable to handling and rough play. This little guy is so good, if next time I'm in Shanghai and they still have it, I'll get another one!

Durability: 9. The only thing that bought this down are the doors, which are designed to easily snap off in rough play since they become Jazz's wings and sticks out prominently. This makes them liable to get lost in the shuffle if you are not careful.

Transformation: 4 The only hard part is the chest area, which requires some tight maneuvering to get it right. Otherwise, the rest is pretty easy.

Price: 9. Don't know what the price is in the U.S., but in China got it for $20. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Fun: 8. Should last you a bit. This isn't like a Masterpiece or the recent releases. The transformation is quite simple and the gimmick we have already seen. But for all you G1 fans, this little guy is a must!

Overall: 9. If you ever get a chance, buy it! I highly recommend this!
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