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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Encore Jazz

Name: Jazz/Meister
Allegiance: Autobot/Cybertron
Series: G1 Encore
Function: Special ops

The G1 line... Twenty four years ago... The line that started it all... The line that is actually cobbled together from old Takara toys... They are back!

Meister/Jazz is among the G1 toys reissued as part of the encore series. Looking at the encore toys, you can and will get nostalgic. Jazz is reissued as his original toy was, in a G1 box, with a tech specs card, die cast weaponry and legs, even his old box art and instructions!

Jazz has always been there from the start of G1, as one of Prime's right hand men (others being Prowl and Ironhide), and had the distinction of being human-like, and he has a penchant of earthen music. Pathetically in part of Hasbro, some characters like Jazz and Prowl never got true shining spotlights, unlike Prime, Bumblebee, the Dinobots, Hot Rod, Jetfire et cetera.

Jazz (Meister actually, as this is the Japanese release) is a white Porsche Martini 936. He comes with stickers, which I have not applied.

Jazz comes with the rub sign and '4' racing number already applied. His 'martini' emblems have been replaced with 'meister', 'Agent Meister' and such, possibly due to copyright reasons.

For a 20 year ago toy, Jazz is quite a representation of the Porsche, replicating the scale near perfectly (considering the minibots...), complete with the trademark 'white tail' spoiler, and number 4 boldly on the front of the car.

As a toy, Jazz is heavy (for one his size--modern Scout class), fragile and can fall apart easily, especially at the doors, and I would suggest not to play with him. He'll make a neat display piece. Definitely NOT for kids, but for us collectors and for display piece.

Transforming Jazz is a bit of a job. It is very easy. Very easy to rip off stickers or snap the back windows or windshield off, that is. I'm not complaining though... The transformation was very well though of for a toy 20 years ago.

Jazz's foot have to be flipped up to make him stand properly. His lower legs stick together as one piece, so good ole Jazz cannot be posed there. He stands quite well, with the spoiler supporting the weight, and the back windows preventing the upper legs from toppling over.

Jazz comes with die cast metal parts, notably on his lower torso and legs, and on his included accessories: a photon gun that attaches onto Jazz's hand. This is made totally of metal and doesn't fire. His other accessory is a shoulder cannon that fires metal bullets. This cannon (flamethrower) attaches to Jazz's right shoulder via an attachable backpack mount.

Jazz's face is always the visored one. Comparing to his movie incarnation, there are so many similarities, that I couldn't help but notice. Jazz stands pretty well and his arms are quite poseable. He is shorter than his movie deluxe incarnation... Hey, in twenty years, a guy gotta grow. I mean, look at Bumblebee. A Minibot, becoming the first Ultimate class figure. What exactly do you eat, Bumblebee?

TRANSFORMATION 7/10 The transformation sequence is original and simply amazing. But in the transformation parts could get snapped off.
DURABILITY 5/10 White plastic is susceptible to yellowing, back windows can snap off, metal parts can break, stickers peel off...
FUN 4/10 Face it, this guy is a display piece.
PRICE 9/10 A bit expensive for a wee toy. Still, he's G1...
OVERALL 7.5/10 seen better, seen much worse. Grab it all G1 fans!
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