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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Skyquake87's Review: E-Hobby Magnificus w/ Ga'Mede

Name : Magnificus
Allegiance: Destron
Function: Outcast

Bio: Once the Decepticon Military Consul for Mebion, Magnificus was framed and ousted by rivals jealous of his position. He was convicted and sent to be a pit fighter where he developed an incredible level of fighting skill. He has befriended the humanoid Ga'mede, whom Magnificus rescued from his executioners. The two of them have since travelled the Universe and amassed an impressive array of weaponry with which Magnificus aims to use against those whom laid him low. The most impressive weapon at Magnificus disposal is his matter enlarging scope capable of pulling microscopic objects through it and enlarging them to 'normal' size.

Name : Ga'mede
Allegiance : Destron
Function: Volunteer Soldier

Bio: Ga'mede was a member of the royal family of Xeptos, a planet that exists in sub atomic inner space. A bitter family dispute put Ga'mede's life in danger. He was rescued by Magnificus just as he was about to be executed. Since then, the two have bonded over their similar circumstances and have slipped into the criminal underworld where they have crossed many battlefields with the aim of wreaking vengeance on those whom usurped them.

Released in 2005 as part an E-Hobby exclusive as part of the Transformers Collection reissue program, Magnificus and Ga'mede play on Transformers and Microman's shared history. Magnificus himself is painted up in the colours the toy originally sported as part of Takara's Micro Change line. He is very much a repaint of the Transformers figure Perceptor though, as he shares the Transformers release's functionality with him being only able to enlarge objects to the power of two in microscope mode. The Microchange figure had the more impressive ability to enlarge objects to the power of fifteen and therefore be able to function as a decent entry level microscope. Ga'mede is a nice 3.75” action figure whose design and construction will be most familiar to western consumers as that used on G.I. Joe / Action Force figures.

I bought the E-Hobby figures so I could show off to myself. Check me out, me. Look how amazing I am with my toys.

Apparently the bios these two have were inspired by Ridley Scott's Gladiator, but I wouldn't know about that. Not sure 'Outcast' is much of a function, either. Unless they meant 'Outkast' “You really wanna hear 'bout some gangsta sh*t?”

Robot Mode: So Magnificus is pretty much a 'sleep mode' (i.e. dead) Perceptor. He's all foreboding greys and blacks and silvers which just states 'I am hardcore'. Or he would do if Takara had given him red eyes, instead of these cheery yellow peepers. Magnificus is packing some beef, he's a stocky fella all big blocked out arms and legs with this great domed bonce. Articulation is pretty decent for a toy of this heritage, with movement at the shoulders, elbows and knees. Unfortunately he has no hips, but his legs can swivel out to the sides so he can look a little more dynamic than your standard 1980s Transformer. He's also tooled up with his hilariously oversized shoulder scope-cannon, rifle and missile launcher. His wee friend Ga'mede is just insane. He's a slightly sinister red eyed looking albino fella with a wiry, muscular frame. He has joints EVERYWHERE. He's so insanely pose-able its untrue. From my owning of one of the Micro Change toys Grandstand purloined that came with one of these figures (some Delta named spacecraft thing with a motor that could break apart and reformed into loads of different vehicles), his form seems faithful to the original Microman figures – just with a better proportioned head (and one that isn't solid silver, which is always a bonus). He also comes with a variety of spare hands and a right old arsenal of pistols, rifles and blades. Blimey. 9/10 for Magnificus and 9/10 for Ga'mede (only 9 because...well, he's not a Transformer!)

Alternate Mode: Magnificus transforms into a fearsome ...microscope. Rar! Cower in fear, my mortal enemies and I will destroy with you with - science. Actually, given the way Magnificus is packed wit Ga'mede, one wonders if in this case the tank mode is Magnificus' primary secondary form, with the Microscope just something of an afterthought these days as he pursues his mission of vengeance. For what it is, the microscope mode is lovely. Rendered in black, grey and chrome, it looks more realistic than mould-mate Perceptor's Fisher Price take. Or it would do, were it not for the honking great Decepticon insignia (which looks cool, by the way). It's a shame this E-Hobby figure doesn't carry over the Micro Change functionality. It would be quite cool to have one of these early device-formers to be actually fulfil the promise of their altenate mode. As mentioned, Magnificus is a triple changer and cracks out a small manned tank that Ga'mede can pilot. It does look a bit odd and not terribly convincing but I really like the interactivity it affords. 9/10

Transformation Design: We're talking Soundwave levels of cool here. It's simple, but quite clever what with the gear to raise and lower the head and the twists the arms and legs go through. These steps are also smart and belie how outwardly simple it looks going from one mode to another. Switching between the scope and tank modes is also really fun. 8/10

Durability: Magnificus is a tough old boot. The worst you have to worry about is losing the silver 'controls' from his forearms or misplacing his missiles. The weakest part is the axle the cannon/ scope swings about on, but you'd have to be a gorilla to make a mess of this. Ga'mede is a slighty more slender and delicate fellow, but seems tough enough unless you're going to trample on him. The elasticated 'O' Ring waist is probably something to watch out for though. 9/10 for his magnificence and 8/10 for Gammy.

Articulation: Above average for a figure of this vintage by some considerable distance, with his incredible shoulders and elbows and knees. 9/10 Ga'mede is on a whole other level, but then he's not having transform and just has to be an awesome action figure. 9/10

Fun: A brutal looking robot mode, a couple of great alternate modes and a huge level of interactivity with pack in figure Ga'mede, this is just a great, great set. I love running them around in tank mode with Ga'mede jumping off and doing commando rolls, pulling his many many guns out whilst Magnificus transforms to bring the nose. Brutal. 10/10

Price/Value: With his exclusivity, Magnificus and Ga'mede aren't cheap, but I have more than got my money's worth out of them over the years. With his size and what you get for your money, he's definitely the pick of the E-Hobby releases. That said, these guys will set you back a pretty penny these days. 4/10

Overall: Takara's early design, build quality and finishing really shines through on Magnificus. He's a superb reminder of how impressive Transformers can be. That this release actively pays homage to the figure's Micro Change heritage with a superb pack in action figure is the icing on the cake – such a shame all the Microman/ Micro Change toys weren't as good as this. Pity that Magnificus and Ga'mede are just a high end collector bauble, as more people need to experience the joy of playing with these guys. Perceptor somehow doesn't look quite so hot with an Action Force figure jammed on him. 9/10
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