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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Brave Maximus’ Review of Reissue Landcross

Name: Landcross
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Multi-Gestalt Warrior
Alt-Mode: Multiforce Attack Modes
First Cartoon Appearance: Victory - Multiforce Combine!

The Multiforce, the new warriors at Cybertron headquarters on planet V, are currently the most highly anticipated group of young space fighters. As might be expected of the assembled form of these six, Landcross's fiery young power is enough to scare even his superiors, the Brainmasters.

There were quite a few combiners in the Victory Cartoon and series. The second one on the scene, though, was the multiple combiner Landcross. He’s heralded as the first Micro Master combiner, leading the way for teams like Sixliner, Sixwing, and Sixbuilder. Like them, he is built out of 6 smaller robots, but that’s where all similarities end. This young team would fight the evil Dinoking, but unfortunately, by the end of the series, they were both primarily used for comic relief.

Alt Mode:

Each member of the Multiforce team has an “Attack mode”. Basically, they add part of Landcross to the vehicles to give them some added firepower. While this is a cool concept, there are some drawbacks - like extra bits left over (4 weapons, a head, and a waist piece). The bonus is, now the guys can shoot things in their vehicle modes. So here’s the quick rundown:
Wing has a huge cannon on top, Waver has the left hand (which looks like some sort of flame thrower), Mach has his rifle on top, Tackle has a pair of double cannons on top of the cap (one of Landcross’ feet), Dash has the Right hand on top, and Tacker has another double barrelled foot. They actually look pretty cool with his bits on top - esp Tackle and Tacker; they both look a lot better with the addition of the big guns (but Tackle still has that ugly orange).

Robot Mode:

Well, this is the real reason you get any combiner team - the giant robot! Landcross is a massive “Micro Master” combiner. At 9 1\2" tall, he’s even bigger than Defensor and considerably taller than the “Six” gestalts that would come later. He has the usual eclectic colour combinations - from the nice black and red of Dash to the ugly orange and blue of Tackle. But each of the individual pieces has something in common with each other, so it doesn’t quite seem out of place or odd. There are new pieces that add colour: The chest piece (Mach’s wings) which feature a Gold and red centre piece with black and yellow vent stickers and Autobot symbols on either side; his waist piece is a deep blue and his head is black with a silver face and yellow eyes. One of the interesting things about Landcross is that, from a distance, his chest has the golden “V” of all the Victory Autobots. His head is an interesting design - it’s quite large, with the standard helmet design. It’s crested with a large fin and framed by 2 round antenna. The face itself is quite stern looking, which is unusual - Landcross is usually smiling in the Victory series.

Landcross is quite well armed. His feet have double barreled cannons (similar to Predaking’s feet) and each hand has a blaster or similar weapon. In an interesting move, all six of the Multiforce weapons combine together to form a rather large rifle with 4 barrels. He’s actually quite an impressive sight to see.


Each arm has 6 points of articulation at the shoulder, and the hands can rotate a bit. Each leg has 2 points at the hip. Unfortunately, because of the weight involved, the joints don’t allow him to stay in any major poses for more than half a second before they start to sag. Still, it’s more than the average combiner.

Transformation: 6. A little difficult to get some of the pieces to work out - but there’s no “Scramble” ability - so it’s pretty straightforward.
Durability: 6. He’s pretty loose to start with, so I don’t see it getting better with age.
Fun: 9. Again, 37 possible combinations and a giant robot. You have to work at not having fun with this guy.
Price: 9. Not too much for 1, 3 or 6 robots, depending on how you look at it - he’s cheaper than the Energon combiners - and he has hands!
Overall: 8. I like him. He’s a fun little bit of Japanese exclusive Transformer. Recommended to any Transfan.
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