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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Sir Auros' review of: Obsidian

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Aerial Warrior

Ok, I'll tell it to you straight...I have absolutely no information on Obsidian. Well, none of the information that I usually have in this section of the review anyway because there's no tech spec for this character nor does he appear in the show. Yes, this is another repaint in the RiD line, but I think the desert camo motif for Obsidian is really quite an improvement over the original, which, as I recall, was something like a pea green and brown. Apparently, Obsidian was also one of the more difficult figures to find out of the RiD line, but I don't think he was quite up in the ranks of Stormjet or Bruticus.

Alternative Mode

Obsidian's vehicle mode is that of a futuristic-looking helicopter with dual rotors and missile launchers or cannons under the wings. Being sold along with the likes of the combaticons, Obisidian isn't a particularly large toy and isn't exceptionally detailed, but he really looks ok in vehicle mode.

Robot Mode

After less than 5 simple flips, a separation, and one have Obsidian in robot mode. There isn't a Decepticon symbol on him, his legs are backwards, and he doesn't have hands. I could let the others slide, but I just don't like it when a figure doesn't have's just not right. His rotors are intended to be used as missiles in this mode too. Really, there's not too much to say about his robot mode, so I'll let the picture do the talking.

Well, the rotors twist and his arms can go up and down, does that count? Fine, his legs can move a bit as well, but this toy has really bad poseability for either a Beast Machines toy or a Robots in Disguise toy. I'd even say it's a disgrace for RiD since the line's known for having some of the most poseable transformers out of any line.

Transformation:4 - A drunken monkey could do it blindfolded on his first try.
Fun: 6 - Not TOO bad, because it is fun to fly around the helicopter, but the robot mode is a bit awkward to handle.
Price: 7 - I got mine for a mere $2.25 marked down at KayBee toystore, but if you bought this toy on ebay for much more than the original price of $5, then I feel for you.
Overall: 7 - Despite the points off for aesthetics, lame robot mode, and exceedingly simple transformation, this toy isn't THAT bad, and I still got it for a good deal. I wouldn't pay any more than the $5 they were charging in stores though.

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