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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Detective Barricade's review: Breakaway

Name: Breakaway
Function: Autobot flier
Sub-Group: ROTF Deluxe Class

Serving in an army of robots tied to the ground makes Breakaway unique. He is one of the very few among the elite Autobot fliers, and he is unmatched for speed in a straight line. While other pilots focus on aerial acrobatics that confound the enemy, Breakaway is content to speed over a fight at seemingly impossible velocity, releasing bombs and missiles that strike their targets before the thunderous boom of his passage can catch up

Just like the first movie line, thereís several figures that appear in the movie, and several that donít. Breakaway is one of the later. How does this affect him? Read on and see...

Alternate mode:
In alternate mode, Breakaway is loosely based off of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. This is the second transformer to use this choice of alternate mode, and the first to represent it realistically. (Sorry, Armada Thrust) Other than the head staring up at you from inside the clear cockpit, he does a very decent job keeping the disguise together. Sure, his legs are visible from underneath, but at least they still flow with the profile, unlike some jets I could mention... (first movie Starscream, Universe Silverbolt) Most of his colors (beige, dark brown, light blue, silver, and light green) are fairly matte, like many of the Animated figuresí colors. While seemingly odd at first, like Acid Storm they turn out better than expected in hand! And as a bit of a rarity for Deluxe jets, heís got working landing gear. Okay, so itís just the front landing gear and two wheels inside his legs, itís still a nice throw in.

Robot mode:
Transforming Breakaway is easy enough, though you might want to open the cockpit at the start. In robot mode, he looks pretty cool, and fairly close to the CG model used in the game. His face looks like heís wearing a flight mask, an interesting look. Lots of details everywhere as well. His Mech Alive gimmick is by turning a dial on his right arm, the gatling cannon spins as well. Itís not much, but at least itís unobtrusive. He has a total of 20 points of articulation, though with a bit of modding you can give him some meaningful head articulation. All of this is helped by his excellent stability.

Transformation: 4 Pretty easy, though some things need to be done in a specific order.
Durability: 9 Heís taken a few tumbles, but nothingís broken off on him yet.
Fun: 9 With the mod, 7 as it is.
Price: 8 Worth the Deluxe price.
Overall: 8 A somewhat unique vehicle mode and a very good robot make for a great Autobot for your collection. The mod will make him even better if you want to do it!
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