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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Clay's review: Legends Class The Fallen

Name: The Fallen
Function: Cartoonish Supervillainy, Revenge on Moviegoers

I saw this at the store. It was cheap, so I picked it up.

Alternate Mode:

The cardback says "Cybertronian Destroyer," which sounds neat, but in reality it's a folded up robot. Still, the head is hidden well enough, so I suppose it works. It's worth noting that it switches a bit differently than the larger toy. The arms point straight back and gives the alternate mode a slightly sleeker profile.

Robot Mode:

HR Giger, meet Bionicle. Bionicle, meet HR Giger. The Fallen is reasonably articulate for a figure this size, having ball joints at his feet, hips, and shoulders. The head can also look up and down, which does wonders for the little guy. Unlike the larger toy, this one is gray instead of green. It's also not "on fire."

Transformation: 1. No challenge, no intricacies.
Durability: 8. Aside from the ball joints popping off under pressure, it doesn't have any weak points.
Fun: 5. A decently articulate little alien thing, but it's not terribly interesting.
Price: 7. Around $5 for the standard retail price, but you get what you pay for. All Legends are not created equal (narf).
5. Not a whole lot here for me. Its multiple ball joints make it nicely articulate for a Legends figure, but the trade off is that it's not terribly Transformer-ish. I reckon the Fallen's not really meant to be, but still... it's an example of the brand superseding the concept of robots in disguise. Given that, the Fallen's an easy pass unless you just like the visual style of the thing, in which case you'll regard him more favorably than I.
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