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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Detective Barricade's review: Jolt

Name: Jolt
Function: Warrior?
Sub-Group: ROTF Deluxe class

Jolt loves to cause trouble. More than one group of Decepticons have watched in confusion as Jolt, all alone, race around them in circles, taunting them. They’re not used to Autobots acting crazy. Little do they know that it really is just an act - part of a plan to lure his enemies in close where he can deliver a crippling blow with his electro-whips.

Jolt was a very late/last minute addition to the Revenge of the Fallen movie. So late in fact, that he doesn’t appear in any other form of media revolving around the movie. Not in the comics, not in the games. He had about a small handful of scenes in the entire movie, only two of which in robot mode. A pity, really, since the CGI model for his robot mode looks positively cool. At least Skids and Mudflap got lines. And naturally, Jolt gets a couple of toys! This review will be on the Deluxe class toy. Is it worth it?

Vehicle mode:

Being an Autobot that appeared in the movie, naturally the vehicle mode is some sort of GM car. In this case, Jolt’s a Chevy Volt. Expect to get his name mixed up often. This concept car is a hybrid, meaning it runs on electricity and gas, alternating between the two as needed. Finally, an alternate mode Beachcomber can approve of!

He’s mostly a nice almost metallic blue with translucent blue windows. Bits of black, silver, and red help pick out the details. The Chevy logo is painted gold on the front, but left unpainted in the back. Jolt’s incredibly solid in this mode as well! And unlike his fellow Autobot Sideswipe, he never has clearance issues underneath to keep him from rolling nicely. Although, it looks like Sideswipe got jealous of this, as Jolt has a seam running right through the middle of the car from front to back with the exception of the hood...

Robot mode:

Jolt’s robot mode has quite a unique look to it, even for a movie figure! He’s got some large chunks of kibble, but they mostly stay out of the way or can be adjusted to give him whatever look you want. This is good since because of the recession in 2008, most of Jolt’s paint details for robot mode, especially for his translucent blue chest, were left out to cut costs. In other words, he’s a little plain looking. He features some touches of cyan/sky blue/’AllSpark blue’ here and there, though I think it gives him a suitably more electric look. His articulation is about what you’d expect for a Deluxe, though sadly a triangular piece just behind his head prevents it from fully utilizing the ball joint or his light piping. Why is this piece even here?

Jolt features two Mech Alive gimmicks. The first one has you twist a knob on his wrist to flip out his electro-whips. Personally, they look more like short spears than whips to me... As for the second one, turning his waist turns a gear in his chest the opposite way. It’s tricky to see it, but it’s there.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 5 Just hard enough to be interesting.
Durability: 9 Very solid.
Fun: 7 He’s fun to fiddle with!
Price: 7 He’s worth up to $20. I wouldn’t pay much more than that though.
Overall: 7 He’s got his good points and his bad points. If you can see past the few faults, he may just grow on you!
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