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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Blackjack's Review: Knock Out

Name: Knock Out
Allegiance: Autobot
Size Class: Scouts Class

Knock Out was among the first wave of Revenge of the Fallenís Scout class. The Scout class was my favourite size class back then, and even to this day I do find smaller toys far more appealing. Cheaper, simpler and generally pretty fun. Back then I was heavily on a Ďbuy everythingí bug so I bought Knock Out.

Who is Knock Out, though? Knock Out is one of those names that Hasbro slaps on anything that needs a name. The very first Knock Out hails from all the way back in G1, as a member of the Decepticon Micromaster Combiner Constructor Squad. Go google that. The next bearer of the Knock Out mantle is part of the Land Military Team of Transformers Armada. Another Mini-Con named Knock Out appears in Energon as Ultra Magnusí partner. ROTF Knock Out is the fourth one to bear the name.

Fiction-wise, Knock Out had a relatively major role in the prequel novel Ďthe Veiled Threatí, although damned if I remember what he did. Knock Out was a member of Bumblebeeís little squad in IDWís post-ROTF comic series, the horrible Nefarious arc. He somehow survived that, but was slain by Shockwave alongside every other toy-only character in Rising Storm, prequel to the third movie.

He doesnít have a personality in the comics, but I think the toy bios made him up as a generic thrill-seeker young Autobot.

Alternate Mode:
Knock Out transforms into a nice little motorcycle. Itís coloured mainly in two shades of green (lime and a darker one) and black, with white and grey picking out details. Itís a pretty realistic motorcycle compared to the other Scout-class motorcycle I own, Elita-One, although nowhere as impressive as the licensed motorcycles in the Movieís Deluxe class. The general look seems to resemble Waspinator, come to think of it. or maybe thatís just me.

Itís a decent looking thing and extremely kibble free. The front wheel can rotate left and right like a real motorcycleís front wheel. The bike rolls along smoothly on the ground, though if not aligned properly the two halves of the rear wheel might pop off.

Knock Out only has exhaust vents on the left side. Not much else I can say about him since my knowledge of motorcycle anatomy is woefully inadequate. Letís move on.

Robot Mode:
Knock Outís transformation scheme shamelessly apes that of the Energon Arcee mould, itself also copied by Movie Arcee and Crossovers Spider-Man. The rear wheels and seat split into two halves and form the shoulders and hands, the legs fold out from the lower part of the bicycle, the front wheel hides in the back and the handlebar thing splits to reveal the head. Itís not all bad, though, since out of the aforementioned bike Transformers, Knock Out handles the transformation scheme the best. Knock Outís resulting robot mode is pretty basic, though the buggy, wasp-like face further cements the similarities to Waspinator. His right hand is a gun made up of the exhaust which bears more than a superficial resemblance to Bumblebeeís signature plasma cannon weapon.

Knock Outís posability is decent for a small toy. His head turns, his shoulders, elbows and shoulder-wheels are all ball-jointed and his legs are jointed at the usual three places. And unlike Energon Arcee, Knock Outís wheel kibble can actually move, so you can have the face forwards like a radar dish, or stick up like Arcee or just be tucked away out of view. His skinny legs surprisingly hold his weight well, though the kinda-Bayformery details there is kind of jarring compared to the extremely clean upper body.

The motorcycle plates on his legs pop off at the slightest provocation, however, which is annoying since this shouldnít even be a problem. His waist doesnít peg in securely to his torso either. Both are relatively minor problems, but Knock Out himself doesnít have that much going on for him. His robot mode is decent, but extremely generic and unremarkable. The non-gun arm also look pretty bad, basically just sculpted on to the motorcycle part. Itís not a bad robot mode, itís justÖ boring.

Marks out of ten for the following:
Transformation Design: 4/10 Itís pretty uninspired to copy Arcee, and while it does both mode serviceably well, the things that donít peg on properly is not something to be proud of.

Durability: 6/10 The black spot on his chest on mine is made out of sticky paint, and with panels popping off I guarantee at some point youíll have to look for them. Heís otherwise made out of decent plastic.

Aesthetics: 3/10 Heís kinda weird. The general look feels like an Unicron Trilogy-era toy, which would be fine, but they tried too hard to slap in random movieverse details on the legs and a random Beast Wars head on him, making the end result kind of a weird hybrid between UT and Movie aesthetics. The general colour scheme is inoffensive but doesnít scream out either.

Articulation: 5/10 Heís got the standard articulation like most Scout-sized toys from ROTF. Nothing particularly special.

Fun: 3/10 Míeh. He doesnít have the quirkiness that the likes of Ransack or Dirt Boss or Dead End whatever has that makes them fun to muck around with. Both robot and motorcycle mode are just so generic and boring, and his lack of personality doesnít do him any favours.

Price/Value: 3/10 For a Scout class? Compared to Elita-One, who is exactly the same as him yet comes with an additional giant crossbow? Yeah, not much of value there. Another problem is that... yeah, he comes in the same series and size bracket as far more interesting designs like Ransack, Dirt Boss, Brakedown, Scalpel and lots of toys that are far more eye-catching visually even if not all of them are good.

Overall: 4/10 Knock Out isnít bad, but in a franchise full of all sorts of far more interesting toys, Knock Outís lack ofÖ lack of anything interesting just makes him extremely boring and not worth a second look in my opinion. If youíre truly curious about this mould, though, finding him or one of his three repaints (the orange-and-blue Reverb, the red Trenchmouth and the white Backfire) really wonít be a problem. Heís just a bike robot and Transformers already have lots of those, and a lot of those does the bike transformation thing far better than Knock Out did and have interesting designs and personalities to boot. While there isnít anything inherently wrong with Knock Out other than loose panels, I cannot really find any reason to recommend him either. Heís so in that average spot, I can't really find anything to say about him.
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