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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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sageofgrapefruit's review: Robot Replica Ratchet

Name: Autobot Ratchet
Function: Medic
Sub-Group: Catchphrase Spewers

"I'm just as good at disabling vocal processors as I am fixing them"
(And you thought that I was going to do the 'mating' one, eh?)

AUTOBOT RATCHET has devoted his existence to the study of life in all its forms. The simple fact of life is, to his mind, the greatest testament to the majesty of the universe. He often finds himself entranced by the primitive wriggling of an amoeba, or the complex interaction of gears in his own hands. It is his love for life that led him to commit himself to its defense. Life is simply too beautiful to allow MEGATRONŽ to waste it through his tyrannical excesses.

Alternate Mode:

There's an alternate mode?

Robot Mode:

This what the Robot Replicas are for. 3-4 inch screen replicas of certain Movie Transformers. And Ratchet is quite detailed. There's some very nice fake kibble on the figure, a wheel on the back, the dented sides of the vehicle on his legs, doors sticking out of the backs of his shoulders, and the headlights on his shoulders that were in the movie, but not on the toy. There's a few liberties taken, like the gun on his arm that looks like the Role Play Ratchet Blaster, and the head looking a little off-model.

Now, another thing about the Robot Replicas is the poseability. Some have compared the joints to Revoltechs, but that's not true at all. The joints are a little different from the Revols, since it relies on ratchet joints (No pin intended ) and ball joints. This makes for a poseable figure, but there's one snag. The ratchet joints on the arm are molded so that the joint attached to the shoulder can move up and the elbow ratchet joint sideways, or vice versa if you move the shoulder. This makes for interesting poses, considering that you can make the ratchet joints move in a diagonal way if you position the arms correctly.

I really don't know what else to say about this figure. It's detailed, it's poseable, and that's all I can say about it. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. One last note, the previous feature of interchangeable arms is gone. Poor Ratchet is stuck with one gun arm.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 0; Like you need to ask why.
Durability: It feels a little rubbery, yet durable. There aren't any parts that could fall off, the ball-jointed limbs are tight enough to remain on despite the best of attempts to get them off.
Fun: Here, the rating depends on whether you're a kid, a casual fan, or a collector. I'd say a 3 if you're a kid, because the Transformer doesn't transform, and there isn't any real gimmick besides poseability to attract kids. Casual fans might like it for the fact that the only other option is the awful Desert Tracker Ratchet and that it can pull off some cool poses, so a 7.5 for them. And an 8.5 for collectors, because, like I said, the only other ROTF option is Desert Tracker Ratchet. The poseability is a turn-on for collectors, because collectors have enough experience with them to know how to work the joints.
Price: I got this for $15, and it wasn't worth it, but I feel that anywhere between $8-$10 would be a nice price. I give the overall score of 7.5 for the price.
Overall: 7.7 Would've gotten a higher grade if Ratchet could interchange limbs.
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