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Detective Barricade's review: Scalpel

Name: Scalpel AKA ‘The Doctor’
Function: Decepticon medic
Sub-Group: ROTF Scout Class

“Need more parts... KILL ZE LITTLE ONE!” - Scalpel orders the Constructicons to kill one of their own, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Scalpel has a massive database of anatomical data for millions of creatures across the universe. He can disassemble anything that doesn’t struggle too much in a matter of minutes, and usually puts it back together with only a few parts in the wrong place. He serves as medic to the Decepticon army, but most Decepticons prefer to suffer in silence rather than allow Scalpel to work on them.

Now, there have been several well known medics in the Transformers franchise. Most of them have been Autobots such as Ratchet, First Aid, and Red Alert in Armada, Cybertron, and Animated. Essentially, the only well known Decepticon ‘medic’ has been the G1 Constructicon Hook, but that’s not his primary role outside of forming Devastator. ROTF introduces quite possibly the first true Decepticon medic, Scalpel, also known as ‘The Doctor’. He’s also the only Scout so far to actually appear in the movie! So let’s put ‘The Doctor’ under the microscope, shall we? (Pun intended)

Alternate mode:
Scalpel’s alternate mode is a microscope! Okay, so it’s not very exciting, but he’s the first microscope transformer in about 25 years. So he could be buddies with Perceptor. Joking aside, he pulls it off very convincingly, with even the legs folding up underneath not looking like legs. For features, due to transformation the height can be adjusted. He’s got all of the appropriate dials and knobs to allow an actual microscope focus in on the specimen, and even throws in detail for the clips and slide on the stage! He’d never work though with that Decepticon symbol stamped on the lens... He’s mostly off-white and black, with some grey and purple.

Robot mode:
Transforming him to robot is easy, but it is a tad tedious when it comes to the legs. Now, many of the movie figures, especially Decepticons, have some insectoid hints to their robot mode. Scalpel takes this to a whole new level! He kind of looks like what you’d get if you cross a microscope, an insect, and Einstein together. Due to how his joints are assembled, he stands extremely well on his six legs! He’s got a total of 20 points of articulation, mostly in his legs. Though, he is a bit front heavy, which cuts down on what the legs can do other than keep him standing... I’m not sure if they’re supposed to, but his glasses are removable. Overall though, he’s a fantastic little Scout, so even his drawbacks don’t seem so bad.

Transformation: 5 More tedious than hard, especially the legs
Durability: 9 He’s fallen more times than I’d care to count, and has survived each time. His antennae love to pop off though.
Fun: 10 This guy mutilates, FOR SCIENCE! And looks cute while doing it! How is that not fun?
Price: 9 For a Scout, the price is right! (No pun intended)
Overall: 10 Grab on sight. Don’t hesitate, just grab!
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