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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Blitzwing's Ghost's review: The Fallen

Name: The Fallen
Allegiance: Unicron
Function: Overseer of the Universal Clock (apparently)
Unique Feature: Invulnerable to almost any damage

“Cybertron, well it’s been a long time….”

After reading The War Within: The Dark Ages, I metaphorically fell in love with this character. More badass than Grimlock, more powerful than Megatron and more totally mad than anything in Cybertron's history, The Fallen is a character that most than deserves a titanium incarnation. He also bears the closest resemblance to what the Cybertronian equivalent of Death himself might look like.

Robot Mode:
Big, black & fiery about sums it up, and very imposing compared to the other 6” Titanium figures. Very nicely proportioned, the colour scheme is black, black, black, black and a little tiny bit of silver, orange & yellow. The body, legs, arms & head are mainly black as you may have guessed, with orangey-yellow vents on the legs and chest. Silver details include the hands, toes, head, guns and a few highlights on the shoulders and chest. The Fallen stands a little taller than the other titaniums with his flame-effects created by the tank tracks folding behind him, which just looks fantastic. I suppose they did this as setting fire to your new figure repeatedly would cause a teensy bit of damage. The articulation on this figure is fantastic, with points at the hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck and waist. The arms can also rotate at the elbows, and the legs at the knees meaning the you can make some really cool poses. The head sculpt is brilliant, an almost identical representation of the comic, with a few scars and scratches thrown in for good measure. The head is mainly dominated by the mouth/grill and ’horns’, both in silver, with a menacing looking pair of yellow eyes glaring out as well. The battle-damage isn’t just limited to his face, the whole figure has been bedecked with war wounds and the toll of ages spent wherever he was before he came back to Cybertron. A very fitting look as if he really has been around since the time of Primus. His weaponry takes the form of his tank cannon, which can be either mounted on his forearms, or hand-held. Personally I think they look better arm-mounted, which also has the added bonus of you not needing to remove them during transformation. Die-cast metal parts are the torso, shoulders, arms and lower legs, and although this means it should appear top-heavy, it isn’t and balances very nicely in many poses.

Alternate Mode:
Big, Black and more tank-ish than robot mode, but then you’d expect that wouldn’t you? This is, very convincingly, what an ancient Cybertronian tank would look like, with two huge turret-mounted cannons and two smaller gatling-style weapons at the front of each set of tracks. The other thing I like about this figure, is that there are no windows, doors or anything obviously human-related, which I think would spoil the look. The colour this time is…… still black, but with more silver detail on the idler wheels within the tracks, and more highlights around the front of the tank. As with any other tank transformers, the tracks do not move, and we have 4 plastic wheels hidden underneath to roll him around on. The caterpillar tracks are the only thing that lets this figure down a bit; the rear third of the tracks are on a hinged joint so they can be folded round in robot mode, but unlike the advertising pictures, in tank mode the joints are not all tightly fitted together to keep the tracks in-line, which means you end up with a kink in your tracks (sounds unpleasant). This doesn’t actually affect the movement if you spend your spare time rolling him round on the floor going “vrrrrrrrrrrr. Bang! Bang! Zzzzap! Ka-Booom!” but enough of what I do…The only other articulation in this mode is 360 degree rotation of the turret, and you can aim the guns up or down if you pivot them where they are mounted on the turret. Almost no kibble is visible in this mode, you can see his waist from the back, and his hands stuck on the front of the turret, but they look like they’re part of it so it’s ok.

We start with the figure in robot mode, rotate the lower arms towards you 90 degrees, then lift them up to join up with the top of the shoulders. Pivot the feet down and push the legs together. Flip down the back of the tank tracks and then fold both tracks out so they stick out at 90 from the body. Rotate the legs 180 degrees so they face behind him and lift them up. Fold the tracks down so they cover the legs and insert the tabs on the tracks into the slots on the legs, keeping them nicely in place. Rotate the head 180 degrees around and fold it down into the torso. Pivot the arms behind him and push together to form the turret. Here we have a fully transformed Fallen ready to go and unleash ancient fury upon his foes.

Transformation: 6/10 Not really complicated, but you do have to do things in a set order due to interlocking parts.
Durability: 10/10 Nothing about this figure is flimsy, the guns are rubbery so they only bend without breaking, and the joint on the tracks can pop out of place if you really try, but you can just as easily pop it back in.
Fun: 9/10 It’s a Cybertronian Demi-god, need I say more?
Price: 10/10 Basically about £10 if you get him from the states.
Overall: 9/10 A brilliant figure all round all we need now is the other 12 Original Cybertronians…..
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