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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review: Ultra Magnus (War Within)

Name Ultra Magnus
Function Autobot Commander
Unique Feature Wears a powerful battle exoskeleton.

No commander could ask for a finer soldier than Ultra Magnus. He is a total soldier- highly intelligent and deadly dangerous, but with a fervent desire for peace and a willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of a cause or his fellow Autobots. The death of Sentinel Prime sent him into a tailspin. certainly the Autobots hadn't been winning the war, but the pace of their losses had slowed. the hope of a rally was just over the horizon when Megatron pulled the Autobot leader's spark core form his ruined body. To hear that Optronix had been passed the mantle of leadership-made Optimus Prime- was simply another, greater shock. The archivist? Ultra Magnus is on the other side of Cybertron, literally a world away from his new leader. As the Decepticons continue slaughtering their way around the globe, he and his men wait for word from Optimus, hoping only that the new leader proves equal to the challenge of the diabolical evil to conquest of Megatron.

Well, its Saturday night. I'm laying around eating a Chunky bar,
watching my brother beat Final Fantasy for the hundredth time, so
I thought "how 'bout I review my Titanium Magnus".

Let me start by saying the at I am well biased toward Ultra
Magnus. Since the age of nine when I first saw him in one of my
neighbor's old comic collections Transformer Movie #1, I think, I
fell in love with the character. He strikes me as a less perfect
version of Prime, or perhaps a more realistic Autobot leader.
Any how, Magnus has been around since the Original TF movie.
He has gotten his share of tv and toy releases since, mostly
repaints of Optimus, White ones. Which makes since, after all
the original had a White colored prime for the truck cab.

Titanium Transformers has been a good run for the line, a
refreshing change from the all plastic TFs of recent years. I like
the heightened design quality and the metal makes you fell like
your getting more than just a toy. Now, Hasbro created two
versions of good ol' Magnus, G1 and War Within. I got the War
Within version out of love for Magnus not because I like War
Within. The truth is I've never read any WW comics. I would
rather have gotten the G1, but considering stock on these figures
is very limited, Beggars can't be choosers. Well I'd better start my
review before y'all start a riot.

Robot Mode
I'll start with his robot mode, since that is the mode he was
packaged in. He is, just as many Magnus are, a white and sky
blue repaint of the earlier released WW Optimus. He is super
detailed; just looking at him makes me want to stare. The
different paint colors really make him look like a completely
different Autobot. The base color, white, is on his main body,
shoulder plates, lower arms and legs, as well as his head.
Shoulders, feet, hands and torso, are sky blue. He has a quite
a bit of silver thrown in on piping and bolts, and yellow head
lights, and some red on his waist and upper legs. He just looks
cool, not quite the same as the G1 cab's colors, but really good.
His face is the essential Prime face, face plate and all. It suits him
well, and the blue eyes give him a gentle look. He has one
stamped on Autobot symbol on the left of his chest. The only
thing I don't like astheticly is that he has the Prime style gun. It
is painted entirely silver, it doesn't look bad, but I really was
hoping for him to have the same gun as his G1 counter part.

He has full shoulder rotation as well as two points of articulation in
his elbows. The legs are ball and socket jointed to his waist, but
some plates hinder full movement. Knees bend, feet are
adjustable in front and back. Head has 360 degree range of
motion. The torso can even rotate. So, articulation he has a
fair share of, but play well... He really is meant to be a display
piece. The arms and legs detach easily, and his gun is very
difficult to get in his hand. Not the kind of toy you get your
7 year old cousin, but I like him.

Vehicle Mode
To be honest, I don't like his vehicle that much. It kind of feels
out of place in the character of Ultra Magnus. Dunno, it needs a
trailer or something. It doesn't look bad. About the same as the
Optimus version, the colors don't fair so well in this form. I do
like that he can store his gun on the back of the truck. I just
feel like he is a little weird. As far a Cybertronian vehicles go
this one is pretty good though, better than the fall down and go
tank modes of some bot. It is better on Prime by far. The thing
I seriously dislike about this form is that try though as I might, I
can't get all of his wheels to stay on the ground at once, plus
the front ones won't roll right. Better kept in robot mode.

Marks out of ten for the following

Durability 7 His joints come apart a lot, but its not like
there gonna break. Another issue is paint chipping, it does.
Price 8 I feel the price I got him for was a good deal.
$15.99 instead of the $20+ you'd pay online.
Transformation 7 The parts tend to come of mostly
during transformation, The actual moving of the parts is simple.
Fun 9 Great display value, and if you really want to you
can play with him. I used him as the star of one of my Stop
motion films receintly. Gotta put those on Youtube someday.
Overall 8 I enjoy this guy, If you don't have the Prime,
this guys worth buying. Just be patient while changing him.

Special thanks to my Brother, Sonicatlas, who paused his game
to get my toy and its box for me while I typed. You Rock.
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