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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Savannahtron's review: Target exclusive Optimus Prime

Name: Optimus Prime
Function: Autobot commander.
"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

From the first of a war that laid waste to their planet, to the final battle on their adopted home world, Optimus Prime has led the Autobots. For millions of years, he has stood like an unmovable pillar, even as chaos consumed all around him. He is more than a mere leader to his fellow Autobots-he is a symbol of all they stand for. He is justice, peace, and compassion personified. While he lives, the Autobots will never falter, and never give up.
Unique Feature: Powerful communications system lets him broadcast over interplanetary distances.

Alternate Mode:
Optimus Prime’s alternate mode is a Cybertonian truck. Built for a war that ravaged his homeland, this version of Prime is decent. Overall the truck mode conceals most of Optimus’ robot mode, yet his rifle is mounted to the truck bed, I’ll assume for fleeing or repelling of pursuers. The paint is traditional Optimus Prime with Blue, Red and Gray, and since this is a War Within Optimus Prime repaint, for a Target Exclusive, I can say that I have some Primes that I like more, and some that I like less. The War Within repaint Optimus Prime fits somewhere in the middle for me.

Robot Mode:
This is where I was first interested in Optimus. I saw the box at Target and saw that it was a Transformers Universe Target exclusive which perked my interest. The only other Titanium series toy I own is the Scourge, and I love that one. First impressions of opening up Big Bot were that he was heavy, highly detailed, and a decent representation of a War Within Optimus Prime. While this is true, I also noticed that since he is very heavy, the joints are a bit loose, and his head does not have any articulation at all. Optimus has decent enough articulation that one can pose him for a few decent shots though.

After checking him out a bit more, I noticed that his arms and legs do offer a bit of articulation that can compensate for the weak joints. For example, Optimus’ rifle is a great representation of his G1 version, highly detailed but gray instead of black. The rifle is made of the flexible plastic which will stay in place if you align it in just the right way in Optimus’ cupped hands.

Transformation: 2. Ridiculously easy. There was no challenge to transforming Optimus into either mode.

Durability: 5. I have mixed emotions about this. While Optimus has heavy metal, he also has very loose joints right out of the box.

Fun: 6. While I really thought War Within Optimus would be a cool repaint verion, the fact that he has loose joints is a major turnoff for me. Other than that, the bot rox.

Price: 6. I paid $20 at Target which was a decent price.

7. This is a nice addition to my collection, but not a must have. As far as the repaint, I like the color scheme, and the toy is OK, but I would probably enjoy it more if it had super tight joints right out of the box.
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