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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Savannahtron's review: Target exclusive Thrust

Name: Thrust
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
"My engine’s roar is my enemies’ song of doom”

Thrust is a bully, not a soldier. With the other Decepticons at his side, he’s as courageous as they come, charging into a battle boasting of the victory to come. Even when he and his comrades have their opponents outnumbered, however, he always picks the smallest, weakest target to attack. He’ll never fight an enemy his own size, and will come up with any excuse to avoid a fight he’s not certain he can win. He is a coward, through and through, with nothing but a bad attitude and a loud mouth to support him. What?
Versus the G1 original tech spec.
He rattles the air with the roar of his jets... believes half the battle is won if the opponent is "psyched out" by his mere arrival, so he makes no attempt to be sneaky. Pompous, loud-mouthed braggart and not too brave. Sudden, powerful accelerations can topple nearby buildings. Flies at Mach 2.5, can double speed in 20 seconds for up to two minutes. Carries four air-to-air missiles and two automatic missile launchers in robot mode. That’s more like it!

From warrior to coward? I don’t think so!


Thrust’s alternative mode is a Cybertronian seeker. Built for war and hunting down his enemies, Thrust’s seeker mode looks ominous and terrifying. Assuredly Thrust destroyed many of the Autobot resistance while he was stationed on Cybertron. Thrust’s seeker mode has a sleek design, and a good color scheme comparable to the G1 counterpart.

Thrust’s robot mode is solid and looks great. Thrust is a Target exclusive Transformers Universe repaint of the War Within Thundercracker. Thrust is highly detailed, built with solid metal, plastic and soft plastic such as the head, fists and nose cone. I assume this is for safety. I am not a huge fan of soft plastic, but even using it for the head and hands, you don’t really notice it unless you are transforming it.

Transformation: 4 Thrust’s transformation is not complicated. While in seeker mode, Thrust’s robot parts are well hidden, and while in bot mode, Thrust just looks right.

Durability: 6. Decent mix of metal and plastic, the only issue I see is that the soft plastic over time can bend and harden into another shape. I am thinking the nosecone may not be as straight and true in several years as it is today.

Fun: 8. I have always loved the seekers. I don’t care how many remakes, repaints, or different versions, I just love the seekers. Death from above!

Price: 8. I picked Thrust up for $20 at Target. One of the perks is that he is a Target exclusive, but not an overpriced one.

Overall: 8. Thrust is a great addition to my collection. He looks great on my shelf in either mode and I love the way he looks next to Scourge.
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