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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review of: War Within Thundercracker

Name Thundercracker
Function Decepticon Seeker Unit

Thundercracker was so named because of his unique sonic abilities. Even at low altitudes and speeds, he is able to force super-compressed air pulses through his engine intakes, giving him a burst of acceleration and generating a focused sonic boom that can shatter reinforced glass and deafen unprotected audio receptors. He is further able to modulate his sonic booms to affect the sensory response processors of enemy targets causing panic and fear.

Recruited to the Decepticons cause by Megatron himself and assigned to the elite Seeker squadron under Starscream, Thundercracker proved himself to be a deadly and effective warrior, both on Cybertron and Earth. Working alongside fellow Seeker Skywarp, he attacked and destroyed the Autobot stronghold at Altihex, and nearly succeeded in destroying Protihex as well.

Well I'm sure after that you have got your interest up. Let me see if there is anything more I can say about Thundercracker.

Thundercracker was one of the Decepticons who left Cybertron to pursue the Autobots on board the Ark. After crash landing on the planet and remaining in dormancy for millions of years, he and the other Seekers (Starscream and Skywarp, eventually joined by Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust) became the main attack force of the Decepticons on Earth. Thundercracker was never a very important character on the show, mostly seen firing off random shots at Autobots or as a background fighter. He was present during Transformers the Movie. He would be damaged in the Battle of Autobot City, and cast from Astrotrain into space. There, Unicron would find him and turn him into Scourge, the hunter and leader of the Sweeps. As Scourge he would continue on until the end of the Transformers cartoon.

This is a Titanium figure, meaning that it is made up of some titanium and some plastic parts. It has a display base and is highly detailed, but not really meant for play. He is of the 6" variety, which means he can transform.

As far as the design, well he is the War Within style Thundercracker. War Within was a comic series made during the beginning of push to bring back G1 Transformers, around 2001 or 2002. It is an alternate telling of the war on Cyubertron, before the Earthen Transformers wars we know from the 80s cartoon. Thatís all I actually know about War Within since I never read any of the comics. Any way I won't let that stop me from giving a good objective review of this interesting TF.

Robot mode
Packaged in robot mode, Thundercracker is an incredibly detailed. The sculpt of the plastic and metal is very high quality. He actually looks like an early form of Cybertronian Tech, very ornate and antiquated designs and some exposed wires and
gears. The trait of Thundercracker which is best known is that he is the blue Seeker/con; he has a lot of light blue and grey thrown in too make him look similar to his G1 form. Red, yellow, and silver are thrown in for the smaller detail parts. The face is well detailed, it makes him appear very dark and stoic. He is a good bit taller than most TFs in his price range. The over-all design does look to be quite similar to Cybertron Starscream, but without the cool arm swords and crown.

The articulation is not quite as advanced as his design. The arms turn 360 degrees at the shoulders. His elbows are able to be bent forward and back. The legs have standard range of motion in the hip and knee areas. Head and wrists turn as well. Although his parts can be moved, the weight of the metal parts makes it impossible to balance him in poses. So he is pretty much stuck with arms down or arms up for poses. He has a cannon on the each shoulder , but they are small and unnoticeable, hidden under the wings which are folded down due to transformation. So he looks good, but isn't very playable or poseable in this mode.

Vehicle mode
His vehicle mode is a Cybertronian style Seeker jet. It is a bit off from the ones I've seen on the show, but I'm guessing thatís due to his War Within origin. The shape is, well, triangular. He appears to be fast but not to powerful. He is only armed with two wing mounted laser cannons. The sculpting is also extremely ornate; much more metal is visible in this form. It makes him very heavy, and it doesn't seem like he can fly, at least if you are carrying him. Once more it looks great but really not for play. If you want to play with him, I prefer the Jet Mode to the robot.

Durability 6 The titanium parts really stress the joints, he may break if changed too hard or fast.
Transformation 6 A pretty nice transformation, fun too. Probably the only real fun in him.
Price 7 Worth it for size and detail alone, but could be cheaper.
Fun 6 Not so much fun to play with but nice for display.
Overall 7 He isn't much of a toy, but more of a statue for display. He can transform and is very nice looking. I say get him if you have the chance, but he isn't a priority TF.

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