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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Additional Image:
Box Art:

babycoffman's Review: Universe Optimus Primal

Name: Universe Optimus Primal
Function: Autobot Leader
Subgroup: N/A

"We will win if we believe in ourselves and our unity."

After his ultimate sacrifice to defeat Megatron, in which he became part of the core of Cybertron itself, Optimus Primal rose to the level of a mythic legend among the grateful populace of Cybertron. Now as the battle against the ancient monster planet known as Unicron has begun once again, Primus himself has called Optimus Primal to be brought back into action to help in the fight for the very survival of Cybertron. Optimus Primal represents a uniquely powerful fusion of the Maximal Forces' advanced technology with the raw power of their mighty Autobot ancestors. In this supercharged form Optimus Primal possesses unmatched strength among the techno-organic populace of Cybertron. His weaponry has also been upgraded significantly: He wields an impressive array of both long range and melee weapons including twin battle blades that can cut through solid rock, a vanadium steel reinforced mace, left arm retractable double barreled plasma cannon, and twin indepently targetable shoulder mounted missile launchers. Rear mounted jets give him flight capability. Energy receptors allow him to absorb much of the damage from energy-based attacks and rechannel it back at his enemies. Intelligence, experience, passion and skill are all crucial parts of what makes Optimus Primal a born leader of the Autobot cause. Serves as an inspiration to help others find their own strength to keep fighting despite the odds.

Optimus Primal was the Maximal leader in the Beast Wars. Then in Beast Machines, he was the hippie leader. He ended Megatron's reign when the both fell into the core of Cybertron. He thought he was done. Until he woke up. In a new body. Kind of.

Alternate Mode:
Looks familiar doesn't it? Well that's because this was his mould for his first gorilla body. The colors kinda fit together on him. Its a deep purple or brown, I can't really tell. His forearms are red with his fists being black. He also has a scar maybe running from mid back to his face that is silver with a red outline. You really can't pose him standing up because his monkey feet can't support it. Tear drop. You can also see the inside of his arm which stands out, as it is green. You can also see his thighs which are green and yellow. Enter the Jamaican. Not much to his beast mode though but its OK. Its just a beast mode.

Robot Mode:
From beast mode to robot mode, Ol' Boss Monkey changes. The main colors on him now are still deep purple (or is it brown?) with the added colors of green and yellow. If you ever asked my Transformer lovin' uncle, he would say the best thing on a figure is gimmicks. So you can imagine what he did when he first played with the first mould of this. To his arms first. If you open his right arm, it shall reveal to you a mace. Yes, a mace. He never once used one on the show but who cares, right? The mace head is dark green or maybe black and the handle is yellow. To his other arm. If you pull the tab up on his other arm, BAM! His dual cannon pops out. The missiles can't fit in there when its closed so Hasbro thought of the fans who would loose the missiles and put two slots behind his head where they can be stored. Moving to his back. If you press the little button on his back, BAM AGAIN! Two hidden missile launchers pop with the missiles being able to store with launchers. Also when you press that little black button, two yellow swords will most likely fall out. They can fit into his fits like it was meant to be. Also on his back is a lever type thing. If you move this lever, his arms will move with MONKEY THUMPING ACTION!!!! Like the first mold of this, he comes with his vampiric looking mutant face. Not really big on those. Its badly colored with black and yellow. Way to be Hasbro, way to be.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation Design: 8. This guy is really simple to transform. Like really really easy.
Durability: 7. This guy is very hard to break. But his gorilla head can come off really easy if you're not careful.
Fun: 9. For me being old enough not to play with toys, it's always fun to mess around with him.
Aesthetics: 7. I have him up on display so I don't find him bad. Of course other people might think otherwise.
Articulation: 5. His beast mode really only has one pose. His robot mode can pose really good for a big guy.
Value/Price: 5. I got this guy online for $15 with shipping and handling. It just depends where you see him.
Overall: 10. I would get this guy if I didn't already have him. He's like the first mold with a new color.
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