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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

numbat's review of: Tiny Tins Universe Mirage

Name: Mirage
Allegiance: Minicon
Sub-Group: Tiny Tins

Once again I find myself reviewing a small Transformer!

Oddly, I got two different Mirages at the same time, from the same person, both in the Tiny Tins series. This version of Mirage is obviously the Armada Race Team Minicon, now sold all by his lonesome.

Despite it being an ingenious (or less-than) way to get rid of excess Minicons, and make a quick buck on the pocket money market, I do like these little Transformers.

Alternate Mode:
Mirage, like his namesake, turns into an F1 racer. The colour scheme, unlike the G1 version, is yellow and grey, with silver highlights. The result is quite nice, and relatively detailed for a Minicon. I particularly like the various layers that build up along the side of the car.

The only negatives are the fact that the rear wheels are 2/3 molded with only the last 1/3 spinning which is a bit weird and the fact that you can see his bright red head sticking out the back of the car.

Otherwise, he looks nice for a 2 (6.5cm) long F1 racer.

Robot Mode:
The transformation is quite nice, and not as simple as some Minicons, and certainly miles above the Spychangers, and results in a nicely proportioned 2 (6cm) tall robot.

The colour scheme is very similar to the alternate mode, but lacks much of the silver highlights, while the red face certainly draws attention now that the spoiler is lowered.

I have to say, I really like the way the rear wheels end up on the shoulders, and it almost lets me forgive the 2/3 molded wheels. The face is also brilliantly sculpted, and there are nice molded details on the legs.

The main downsides are the zero useful articulation, and the way in which he teeters from side to side on his feet.

All in all, he is an adequate little Transformer.

The tin, which some people are likely to be buying this toy for, is your standard metal toy tin, 3 (8.5cm) long, and 1 (4.5cm) wide. Its decorated inside and out with photos of Mirage, on a backdrop of orange with lightning. The inner tray has this same picture lining it, but also has silver-blue patterning on the outer edges, again with photos of Mirage. I find it a convenient way of storing Mirage safely amongst my other Transformers, but those of you in to these sorts of things may like it for display reasons.

Transformation: 3 Id be worried if you cant work it out in a second, but at least its not as standard as pull out arms and legs.
Durability: 9 He seems pretty well made for a Minicon.
Fun: 2 The thought of being able to play with him, or pose him on display, is not going to keep you up all night.
Price: ? I dont honestly know what he goes for just now, but it cant be very much judging by other Tiny Tins.
Overall: 3 Hes not awful, but hes not great. Hes an addition to a collection of small Transformers, but thats about all you can say.
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