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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

numbat's review of: Tiny Tins Mirage

Name: Mirage
Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Tiny Tins / Spychanger

Well, I’ve reviewed the Minicon Mirage, available in the Universe Tiny Tins range, so why not go for the Spychanger review while I’m at it?

I got both versions of Mirage gifted to me by the same person, at the same time, and, to be fair, very much enjoy them both!

In fact, this gifting episode has left me as a Spychanger fan, quite securely.

But, then, being a great advocate of the proverbial ‘small Transformer,’ be it a G1 Minibot or a Takara World’s Smallest, this should come as no surprise…

However, before we start, we need to be perfectly clear on one point – there is absolutely no difference between this release of Spychanger Mirage and the original, other than the inclusion of the Tiny Tin.

Alternate Mode:

Mirage, like his G1 counterpart, turns into an F1 racer. Unlike the Minicon version, the likeness goes further here. The colour scheme is almost identical, and, well, we’ll get to the robot later…

The white and red goes great with the blue chevrons, while the detailing is superb. ‘Transformers’ emblazoned on the spoiler is a bit of a giveaway, but I suppose we can let the guy off. The gold print on the wheel alloys is very nice.

All in all, this little (8.5cm [3 ¼”]) F1 racer looks great, and is easily one of the better Spychanger alternate modes.

Robot Mode:

Well, what’s there to say on the Transformation front? It’s Spychanger standard – i.e. you pull the legs down, slip the front of the car over, and pull out the arms. Not complicated, and very reminiscent of a few G1 Minibots.

Separating the Spychangers from their G1 counterpart group is, of course, the level of detail and, in Mirage’s case specifically, the superb proportions.

Furthermore, Spychanger Mirage looks exceptionally like G1 Autobot Car Mirage, right down to the head. Which I like. A pocket sized Mirage (7cm tall [2 ¾”]). After all, we can hardly expect a World’s Smallest version now the line is effectively defunct.

This incarnation of Mirage also comes with a neatly detailed white gun, which fits nicely in the delicately drilled hand-holes.

Articulation is poor, as you’d expect, and we also have to suffer a Phillips screw between the chap’s legs, and an ill advised exhaust/foot affair.

Still, he’s my favourite standard Spychanger (partly because his arms can actually reach past his chest – just…), and I am glad to have been able to discover this, as I certainly wouldn’t have bought him myself! And now I want to expand upon my Spychanger collection…


The tin, which some people are likely to be buying this toy for, is your standard metal toy tin, 3 ¼” (8.5cm) long, and 1 ¾” (4.5cm) wide. It’s decorated inside and out with photos of Mirage, on a backdrop of yellow and orange, with outlined squares. The inner tray is identical in photo and pattern to the exterior. I find it a convenient way of storing Mirage safely amongst my other Transformers, while keeping his gun safe, but those of you in to these sorts of things may like it for display reasons.

Transformation: 1 – This is almost as simple as ‘pull out arms and legs’.
Durability: 9 – As with all the standard Spychangers, he is built like a brick and tiny – two favourable characteristics for longevity in a Transformer in my experience. The only problem is that small gun, but the tin helps keep that safe!
Fun: 3 – He creeps up past ‘1’ and ‘2’, largely because of his great resemblance to G1 Mirage, and the fact he’s a nicely proportioned F1 racer. He is not gonna be your display centrepiece!
Price: 10 – As with Ironhide (and most Tiny Tins), you can pick up Mirage from 50p ($1) carded, so he really won’t eat into your savings!
Overall: 4 – He’s not the greatest thing ever to hit the Transformer toy line, but he is a nice homage, and a neat little Transformer, worth adding to your collection as an extra if you feel inclined.
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