Botcon 2009 figures + Wv2 WST toys

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Botcon 2009 figures + Wv2 WST toys

Post by Pun-3X » Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:46 am

Just posting these here and some other boards before I go to Ebay. Shipping is not included, though I'll be willing to use either UPS, FED-EX or Postal Service. Payments through Paypal. All sealed and complete unless otherwise mentioned. Thanks!

Botcon 2009

--Leozack: $90.00

--Banzaitron/Skyquake 2-pack: $115.00

--Flak (unsealed): $55.00

--Landshark (unsealed): $50.00

--Thunderclash (unsealed) $45.00

--Comic/program: $10.00

WST stuff

All opened boxes, toys never removed from plastic bubbles.

All are wave 2 (I have multiples on some of these)

--Optimus Prime: (5X) $4.50 ea

--Red Alert: (2X) $4.50 ea

--Prowl: (1X) $4.50 ea

--Thrust: (4X) $2.50 ea

Other Transformer figures

RiD Optimus Prime, loose/complete: $30.00

RiD Scourge (box opened, figure removed once and transformed for comparison photos, then put back. Octane rig still attached, all accessories still tied down/bagged/attached): $35.00

Target Exc. Universe Roadbuster: $10.00

Henkei Wheelie, loose: $7.00

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